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An Uplifting Partnership Announced – Ascent360 and Liftopia!

Ascent360 and Liftopia Partnership Announced

About Our Partnership

Ascent360, a leader in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space, is excited to announce its new partnership with Liftopia.  Liftopia is a commerce solution that makes it easier for resorts to encourage more guest visits and increase revenue by offering lift tickets and ski passes at optimized prices on their websites and on

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Not All Email Subscribers Are The Same

Are You Looking At Email Statistics Enough?

Communicating to your customers is more important than ever and email serves as a great channel in which to do so. Not only is email the cheapest option for communication, it allows you to communicate to many people at one time. I know, very obvious stuff so far, but stick with me. My question to you is, how often are you looking at your email list? Your engagement? Your subscribers’ status? For many of us, that answer is not often. However, with recent regulations in place and laws becoming stricter, it is going to become increasingly more important to start focusing and learning who is on your list, how they got there, and what their current level of engagement is.

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