We are excited to announce the 3rd year of the NSAA Beginner Conversion project. NSAA, RRC, and Ascent360 have come together to create a program to help better understand the beginner customer. Learn who they are, why they started, and how to keep them coming back. Learning about your beginner skier or rider is imperative to ensure a successful future for the ski industry.

Unsure of what the Beginner Conversion study is or how it could be of value for your Resort? Read the NSAA program summary below to learn more about the study and why you should participate.

National Study of Beginner Skiers & Snowboarders

The NSAA Beginner Conversion Study has grown to become a powerful tool to understand and retain beginner skiers and snowboarders. Participation in the study provides you with the necessary information to increase your business by better understanding your first-time guest. Just this past season, over 11,000 surveys of beginners were gathered from over 50 participating ski resorts in diverse regions of the country.

Valuable Information about Your First-Timers

The NSAA Beginner Conversion Study is a multi-year research project that will provide your individual area and the overall industry with critical information about first-time skiers and snowboarders. The research is based on surveying a sampling of new skiers and snowboarders at regular intervals in their first season, and then continuing to monitor and survey them multiple seasons as they advance into core participants. The study provides a great deal of information about beginner’s behavior patterns. Some of the findings include: motivations for trying the sport, their intent to continue, the likelihood to continue as a lifelong sport and insight as to why they will or will not continue with skiing or snowboarding.

By measuring the behavior of new participants, the information gives us a far better chance to attract new people to the sport, keep them engaged and become life-long participants.

Customized Dashboard for Your Results

The information provided will impart you with the tools to convert your beginners into core participants. The program provides:

  • A resort specific web-based dashboard to monitor your results.
  • Comparison and benchmarking to national norms
  • Comparison to historical results
  • Insight into patterns and opinions of your beginner skiers and riders
  • An email tool to directly engage with your guests who responded to the surveys

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