Email Marketing Tips for this Holiday Season

With the average retailer sending up to 25% more emails during the holiday season, how can your company’s holiday campaigns stand out among the rest and avoid the spam bin?

Plan Ahead

There’s a good chance you’ll be doing some forecasting while preparing for the holiday season. This will allow you to understand what your order volume could reach. If you are unsure how much traffic you will have online, try dividing the average number of orders by your current conversion rate. You can then multiply that number by 120%. This will help you estimate the number of concurrent website visitors for which you should prepare. It’s a well-known fact that more retailers and brands are seeing online preferred to in-store shopping.

You don’t want to be caught in a bad spot if there happens to be a problem with your website. Have your IT department run load tests to simulate heavy traffic conditions. It’s also a good idea to have set of apology error messages and in case problems may arise.

Get Personal

The best way to stand out from the rest of the millions of generic holiday emails you’re competing with is not being generic! Segment your audiences into targeted groups and use messages that appeal to them as an individual. However, with the holiday season in mind, think about how your brand not only suiting the individual consumer but also their family and friends. Tis the season for giving after all!

Stay True to Your Brand

Although you’ll want to customize your email templates to match the holiday season, it’s important to keep your brand in mind. You don’t want to reel in customers, only for them to be met with a website that doesn’t match the message you’re showing through your email. Make sure your holiday offer is enticing, yet stays true to your brand.

Be Accessible on All Devices

With 68% of all emails opened on mobile devices, you need to make sure your emails are accessible through any device. Mobile readers only view an individual email for 10-15 seconds, if you can get them to open it. If your email can’t get their attention, chances are that they aren’t going to purchase something directly off your email. Because of this, you should purpose your message to remain in the readers’ minds after they read it. Keep your subject line short and sweet and have something snappy they will remember.

Avoid the Spam Bin

With the Influx of email traffic coming to inboxes this holiday season, it’s inevitable that at least a few of your subscribers will consider opting out of your communications. Adding the option for subscribers to opt out of just your holiday promotions can help you keep any subscribers who are only just looking to reduce inbox congestion.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe if they choose to do so. Make your unsubscribe button easily viewable at the bottom of your email. Even though opt outs are not ideal, an unsubscribe is way better than being added to a spam bin where your domain/IPs may be penalized by an email service. It is important that it be obvious to the reader that there is no ill intent. This could be damaging to not only your email marketing but to your brand.

However, if they do unsubscribe, that doesn’t mean you can’t target them through other means. You may want to optimize the unsubscribe thank you page to direct them to other advertising channels. Or, by holding on to unsubscribe lists, you can target them on social media via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google.