As a Customer Data Platform, we get many questions like, “If I have a CDP, can I still work with my agency?” and “So, you do what my agency does, right?” The answer to these would be YES and NO! Customer Data Platforms are actually very different than digital agencies and most of our clients have both! Agencies don’t do what a CDP does and vice versa. We love working alongside agencies to gather customer data into our platform and create powerful marketing campaigns for companies. 

Ascent360 partnered with Denver-based mcgregor | graham Advertising Agency, in order to support ongoing marketing strategy for ski resort client Mt. Hood Meadows. By leveraging the Ascent360 platform with Mt. Hood’s customer data, we were able to deliver measurable results to increase their Spring Pass sales year over year. Ascent360 and mcgregor | graham worked collaboratively to execute the client’s goal. mcgregor | graham supported in creating the marketing strategy, creative, and execution of the engagement campaigns, Ascent360 provided the platform’s accessibility and the client’s client data to do so. Additionally, Ascent360 delivered measurable marketing value for the client. 

To read the entire case study and see the measurable results, download it here!

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