Are you Leaving Money on the Table?

Why You Should Have One

You may do a great job of helping customers along the sales process when they are in your store and ready to purchase, but what about if they are purchasing online? Are you hitting them during the process to make sure you aren’t losing a sale? According to Shopify, 67.45% of all shopping carts become abandoned before the sale ever goes through. These customers are hot leads and ready to act. Sending an abandoned cart email to remind these individuals that their items are still available, offering an incentive to buy,  or giving the feeling that their item will be lost if they don’t act now will help you secure sales that could have otherwise been lost. If you aren’t sending this type of email, you are leaving a lot of potential sales and revenue on the table.

How It Works

An Abandoned Cart email is sent once a customer has placed an item into their cart but failed to check out. Deciding when to send an abandon cart email is dependent on the company and the type of purchase. We suggest you test a couple of time increments to see what works best for you. You might find that hitting people 20 minutes after they abandon works best or maybe it is 24 hours after they abandon. Testing this time frame will allow you to see how long the decision will take to complete the purchase. You can also play around and test the content and subject line. Maybe you offer an incentive to buy or possibly just a simple reminder and nudge is all they need. Many carts are abandoned simply because the website crashed, timed out, or the customer was experiencing an issue. Sending an email to remind them of their items with helpful links on how to complete the purchase may be all it takes! But most importantly is getting this email set up sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more potential revenue you are missing.

Subject Lines That Go Beyond “You have items in your cart”

Creating a good subject line is key and with a few key elements, you can be sure yours will be effective. First, make sure your brand is identifiable. Most often, this will be easily done in the from name of the email. Second, make sure the subject of the email is clearly stated. Third, create a sense of urgency. Lastly, have fun with the subject line and get creative. If you can create something that will stand out, the better your chances of opening will be. Below are a few subject lines we like!

from Bloomingdale’s: You have items in your big brown bag

from Lord & Taylor: Psssttt…You’ve left something behind!

from Ulta: Did you forget something?

from Nordstrom: Still thinking it over?

from Tobi: Come back! You left items in your cart!

Creative We Love

ASOS Abandoned Cart Email
ASOS Abandon Cart
Bloomingdales Abandoned Cart Email
Nordstrom Abandoned Cart Email
Nordstrom Abandoned cart
Tobi Abandoned Cart Email
Tobi Abandon Cart
Ulta Abandoned Cart Email
DoggyLoot Abandoned Cart Email
RayBan Abandoned Cart Email