Anniversary Emails

Every six months or so, I’d receive an email from the beautiful Turks and Caicos resort my husband and I honeymooned at in October 2014, and every time that email came through to my inbox, I’d forward it to him with a “sad face,” and a comment saying, “let’s go back!” The email was sentimental and beautiful. The resort knew we went on our honeymoon there because we took advantage of a special honeymoon package. Finally, a couple months ago we decided to take advantage of that exclusive email offer and go back to our honeymoon spot! The anniversary emails did their job. The resort received a repeat customer and we received an amazing deal. Win-win!

Why You Should Have One

Any excuse to celebrate is a good enough excuse. Am I right?! And celebrating an anniversary is as good of an excuse as ever! Subscribers love when emails are about them. It makes them feel warm and fuzzy knowing there’s someone who appreciates them 🙂 And although many companies take advantage of the birthday email, celebrating other milestones are a clever way to turn the subject of the email back on the subscriber rather than the company. These emails are another great way to make companies stand out from their competitors.

How It Works

Using the date a customer made their first purchase, signed up for their first email, or had their first stay can give you the ability to create an easy-to-execute anniversary email. Thank them for being with you for as long as they have, with an offer to keep them coming back. Different industries will typically have different anniversary emails. For example, a financial company may send you a yearly anniversary email thanking you for using their services. Differently, a clothing brand may send you a “half-anniversary” email. The email may include a dollar amount off your next purchase and a thank you note for having used their credit card for six months. Waiting an entire year may be too long to keep the customer engaged. Also, customize as much as you can! The more the customer feels like the email and incentive is solely for them, the greater chance of a repeat customer. No matter the time-span, creating content based on the subscriber will always lead to a higher number of clicks and more purchases. Below are a few great examples of how creative for an anniversary email can be done well!

Creative We Love

Crocs Anniversary Email                                                                                         

Anniversary emails 1



















Pizza Hut Anniversary Email

Anniversary emails 2























Rent The Runway Anniversary Email

Anniversary emails 3




















Remember: Tracking Anniversary Emails are just as important as having them. If you don’t know how and why the program worked, you can’t continue or change it for your business’ future success. Need help strategizing, implementing, or tracking your Anniversary campaigns? Contact us here!

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