How To Reach Your Customers On Google & Find Similar Prospects

Ascent360 is thrilled to have been certified to become a proud Google Partner! Similar to with Facebook, we have integrated our Customer Data Platform with Google and can now export custom segmented audiences directly to Google AdWords.  AdWords automatically creates “Similar Audiences” based on your uploaded customer lists allowing you to expand your reach exponentially. Once your campaigns are set up, you simply add the audiences of your choice to the campaign and watch your Return on Investment (ROI) soar.  Talk to customers & prospects where they spend their time – Email, Facebook, Google, YouTube or Direct Mail – and ensure your maximum reach. 

What Is Google AdWords?

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.” – Google.  AdWords allows you to create campaigns on their Search Network (text ads targeting keywords typed in by users), Display Network (nice looking image ads), Video ads (You Tube & other video networks) and Shopping ads (use the Merchant Center to showcase your products).  Set up Conversions linked to Google Analytics to view revenue generated for a measurable ROI on EVERY campaign.  Once your ads are set up, connect them to your Customer Match audiences to reach the right people at the right time.

Customer Match

Google calls custom or segmented audiences “Customer Match.”  AdWords Customer Match lets you show your ads to customers based on data about those customers that you share with Google.  After you have set up your campaign & ad groups, create your audience in Ascent360’s Audience Selector Tool, then export the customer list to AdWords from our Portal (or upload it to the Shared Library).  Google will automatically create you an audience that is “similar” based on the attributes of the customer list you provided.  Go to the “Audiences” tab within your ad group and select the +Remarketing button.  Choose the appropriate ad group and select your target audiences (you will see your Customer Match and Similar lists here).  You can also choose to expand your reach with Google’s auto generated lists such as All Visitors, Similar to All Visitors, All Converters, Similar to All Converters, Shopping Cart Abandoners, Product Viewers and more.  Choose your audiences based on your goals and your budget. 

Easy as 1,2,3!

Say your company is trying to reach Male Millennials (ages 18 – 34).  You sent an email campaign with marginal results and want to reach these Millennials where they are spending their time (on Google!).

Create your audience in the Audience Selector Tool
Export the audience to Google:
Set up your Campaign and Ad Group in AdWords and Select your Audience:

Watch your Male Millennials convert into sales!!

If you are brand new to Google Marketing, Google offers an Online Marketing Guide to help get you started.  If you don’t have the resources in house, Ascent360 is here to help.  Part of being a Google Partner means we have passed rigorous standards in Google Digital Marketing practices.  If you need help with your campaigns, let us show you how we can get you measurable results and high ROI’s. 

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