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Time Is Running Out – The Holidays Are Almost Here What products should you push?

With the holidays just around the corner, time is running out for shopping for those last minute holiday presents. Though many might have completed their holiday buying already, there are still a lot of last minute shoppers that have yet to even start. As a retailer, it is important to push hard the last couple of weeks and give customers a chance to pick up last minute items from you. So what exactly should you be promoting?

Free Shipping or Guaranteed Delivery

Free shipping day is this Friday, December 18th. After this date, many stores cannot ensure Christmas delivery. With online shopping gaining more traction than ever, if you have the opportunity to promote free shipping or guaranteed holiday delivery, now is the time to put these offers front and center. When time gets short, consumers are more likely to abandon brand loyalty and instead purchase with the company that best meets their needs.

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Beginner Conversion Study to Launch Second Year A multi-year research program looking at the behavior of first time skiiers and snowboarders

The NSAA Beginner Conversion Study is launching for the second year. With many resorts taking advantage of this study and jumping on board, the study is gaining a lot of interest within the industry. RRC and Ascent360 are working together to provide the research and technology for the program. With a new dashboard and added reporting functionality, participants will have a deeper insight into their data. To learn more about the program, please read the below article or visit NSAA to find out more!

Below is a rundown of what the program is, how it works, and why it is important for the industry to learn more about the growth of their sport.

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Best Email Practices and Tips to Get Noticed this Season The holiday season is upon us, will your message be seen? Part two of a two part series

Holiday Email Best Practices

Email marketing is the most important avenue to reach customers and prospective customers during the holiday season. New product launches, flash sales, and deep discounts allow you to captivate your customers and re-engage those that have lost interest. With click-through rates increasing as much as ten percent during this period, it is important that you are doing a few simple things to get noticed this year. The below best email practices will help your message be seen.

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Holiday Shopping Is Already Upon Us. Are You Ready? Part one of a two part series

Though it is only October, and still a few weeks out from Halloween, the holiday shopping season has already begun! With retailers pushing up promotions to start far earlier than Black Friday, 40% of shoppers start their holiday shopping before Halloween. According to Think With Google, by the time Cyber Monday hits, half of consumers are already done shopping! Seems crazy right? It might be, but what that means for retailers is promotions, holiday sales and holiday content must get started early, or you may miss out on potential customers.

It may come as little surprise that men will be the ones procrastinating on holiday shopping with one in four starting their shopping in December. For these early months, gear content and creative towards women while focusing on men later into the holiday shopping season. However, never leave out either gender, there are always the over achievers and procrastinators from each side!

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Behavioral Marketing – Hitting Your Customers with the Right Message at the Right Time.

Have you ever purchased something and received an email thanking you? Perhaps you have received a birthday email from a company with a special offer on it? Or maybe after hitting the slopes for the first time this year, you received a message thanking you for your first day shredding the gnar. What all of these campaigns have in common is that they are hitting the customer with the right message, at the right time.

Using behavioral marketing as part of your overall content strategy will not only help increase engagement, but also provide relevant content and timely messaging to your most valuable audience. Behavioral marketing uses a customer’s actions to trigger specific marketing campaigns. Whether that is making a purchase, registering a product, or simply joining a company’s email newsletter list. The time to talk to your customer is after they have made a direct interaction with your brand, and automated behavioral campaigns make that possible.

The best thing about an automated campaign is once it is set up, it is running until you decide to make a change. The hardest thing about these types of campaigns is deciding what content to put within them and making sure that you are collecting the right data to make that possible. If I have skied five times this year, I don’t want to receive an email asking me how my first day was but would rather get an offer for 10% après ski on my next visit for being a loyal customer. Making sure you have the right data is the first step in creating successful behavioral campaigns.

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