The NSAA Beginner Conversion Study is launching for the second year. With many resorts taking advantage of this study and jumping on board, the study is gaining a lot of interest within the industry. RRC and Ascent360 are working together to provide the research and technology for the program. With a new dashboard and added reporting functionality, participants will have a deeper insight into their data. To learn more about the program, please read the below article or visit NSAA to find out more!

Below is a rundown of what the program is, how it works, and why it is important for the industry to learn more about the growth of their sport.

Beginner Conversion Study – What it is and how it could benefit your resort.

“The NSAA Beginner Conversion Study is a multi-year research project providing the industry and areas with critical information about the behavior of first-time skiers and snowboarders. The research is based on surveys of new skiers and riders over a period of time, from their first experience through multiple seasons. After their first season, these same skiers and riders will be monitored and surveyed over successive seasons as they advance into core participants, or drop out of the sport. Using first-timers and beginners from areas across the country, this survey will provide insight into the behaviors, attitudes, and participation intent of first time and beginner skiers and snowboarders across the nation. These insights will give ski area operators and the industry the information needed to help drive the conversion from beginner to life-long skier or rider.

The Beginner Conversion Study was launched during the 2014 – 15 season with fascinating results. In its first year, the research provides information about the behaviors of first timers and beginners at participating areas. After the first season, the study is already helping to identify trends and patterns of their intention to continue participating in skiing and snowboarding as lifelong sports, how often they intend to ski or snowboard, demographic details, and their desire to return to the area where they first learned to ski or ride.

The NSAA Beginner Conversion Study is also designed to provide a “dashboard” that will give areas a view into their performance, while also showing a comparison to the national average, across several important metrics.  For more information about the study and to learn more about participating in the study, click HERE.

The Beginner Conversion Study is supported by NSAA with research and technology provided by RRC Associates and Ascent360.”