Holiday Email Best Practices

Email marketing is the most important avenue to reach customers and prospective customers during the holiday season. New product launches, flash sales, and deep discounts allow you to captivate your customers and re-engage those that have lost interest. With click-through rates increasing as much as ten percent during this period, it is important that you are doing a few simple things to get noticed this year. The below best email practices will help your message be seen.

Segment Your Email List

During the holiday season, everyone is inundated with emails and promotions, making it hard for your brand to stand out. Email allows you to connect to your customer on a personal level with relevant offers. Segmenting your list appropriately will help you do this. For example, if you have a location specific special offer, make sure you are sending that only to people within that area.

Take advantage of holiday shoppers. Almost every company will have a specific set of customers that only purchase from them during the holiday shopping season. If that is case, make sure you are not ignoring them, but instead speaking to them differently. Acknowledge that you know they purchased with you, and perhaps give them a discount or special offer for purchasing again.

Be Original – Don’t Get Lost In The Clutter

Subject lines are key. You need them to be short, to the point, and give the customer a reason to open. The shorter the subject line, the better. On a mobile device, only 30 to 40 characters will be shown before it gets cut off. The use of emojis can help you quickly grab your customer’s attention and stand out in the inbox while also cutting down the subject line length significantly.

For tips and tricks on how to implement emojis within your subject lines that work in gmail and outlook, click here.

Get Personal

Personalization can go a long way during the busyness of the holiday season. Customer are more likely to shop from a company that they feel a personal connection with. Leverage the data you have to create a relationship with your customer. Email is no longer a one size fits all solution, customers are now expecting to receive a relevant message, make sure you are providing that.

Stay True To Your Brand

Marketing shifts during the holiday season to be more creative, capture the essence of the season, but make sure that you aren’t straying far from the core values of your brand. Going too far into the holiday creative can potentially hurt your brand. If the customer can no longer recognize who the message is from, you have likely just lost them. Get creative, but don’t be unrecognizable.

Avoid The Spam List

It is highly likely that during November and December, your email sends will increase drastically. In turn, the likelihood of getting caught in spam will also increase. One way to lessen the chance of this happening is to make the unsubscribe button front and center. Though you don’t want to lose customers, it is more important that they have the opportunity to get out easily. Hitting the unsubscribe button is much better than hitting spam.

Be Accessible On All Devices

Mobile is the fastest growing channel for holiday shopping and product research. 67% of consumers move between devices while shopping online. Make sure not only your emails but also your site are mobile optimized. Losing these customers due to a poorly designed site or email could lead to significant loses during this time of the year.

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