We all want our customers to browse our site and find something they can’t live without the very first time. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. According to Pew Research, 79% of people shop online or on their mobile device. Fortunately, because of this, getting a full-view of your customer and seeing who has browsed your website is possible and can provide extremely valuable information when converting prospects to customers. An Ascent360 customer utilized their customer data platform to first look at who was browsing then abandoning their website. The second part was to create a browse abandonment email campaign that led to incredible results.


Because our client’s product is a high-value purchase, it is common for people to browse and abandon the website multiple times before purchasing. According to, on average, customers visited at least 3 online stores before making their purchase. Website visitors often abandon sites for several reasons. They compare reviews and prices to other sites, they simply want to “browse,” their credit card is not in the same room, etc. No matter the reason, the challenge for our client was to turn window shoppers into customers by sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Ascent360 helped their customer discover the right product for them and nudge them toward the checkout page.


The first step was to turn to Ascent360’s customer data platform to track customers who browsed to identify which recipients of their email campaigns were landing on their website. Afer the first step of identifying browsed traffic, we could isolate potential customers who were interested in purchasing, but abandoned before doing so. In attempts to regain the attention of these captive prospects, the next step was to create an email campaign that targeted those that had browsed, but not ultimately clicked “purchase.” Using Ascent360’s Audience Selector tool, our client was able to create a target audience of customers who had recently browsed and excluded any contacts who made a purchase. These contacts were then sent a series of emails with an offer that encouraged them to come back to the site and purchase what they browsed for. Furthermore, based on an analysis performed by Ascent360, they surprisingly learned that their database was primarily comprised of women, specifically mothers aged 40-55. The company took those learnings and made sure to cater the creative of this campaign with family-focused messaging and imagery to provide an experience that speaks to their obvious target market.

700+ Visitors who browsed the site but did not make a purchase

482% ROI **This is based on the cost of investment being ExactTarget costs for the 3 months, the campaign ran

$11 Incremental revenue per email delivered


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