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New Product Enhancement: Audience Selector

Putting Segmentation and Data Mining in the Hands of Marketing

Customer segmentation and personalization is key in creating effective marketing campaigns, but creating different segments can be time consuming and difficult. Often the power of creating these lists lies outside of the marketing department and in the hands of technology who must create complex code to create such lists. Marketers need tools that allow them to do complicated data mining and segmentation in order to see who the customer is, create effective campaigns, and be able to execute these campaigns in a timely manner. Ascent360 has worked hard to make this a top priority in our software. We understand that importance of placing the power back with marketing and have launched a new version of Audience Selector that will help our clients do just that. With simple drag and drop software, list building is easier than ever. Look through your transactional, customer, and email data to easily build compelling campaigns such as a Lapsed Customer Winback or a Pre-Arrival/Post-Departure stream. With all of your data in one place, the segments you can create are endless.

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Email Automation Series – The Welcome Email

Automation Series: All About the Welcome Email

Why You Should Have One

As mentioned in our previous, Email Automation blog post, a welcome email is one of the easiest and most beneficial emails you can create. A Welcome Email will have one of your highest engagement rates of any email as you are hitting the individual at the moment they are interested. This is your chance to welcome new subscribers, tell them the benefits of being on the list, set expectations and possibly convert an interest into a sale. This is your first impression, make sure it counts!

Catching them at their first interaction has also been shown to improve their engagement later on. According to a study by Return Path, a subscriber that reads the initial welcome email is far more likely to read future messages from the brand. Welcome emails are also read around 42 percent more often than promotional messages. This allows for a great opportunity to engage and convert your subscriber right off the bat. In addition, a welcome email can also help to improve list quality. If anyone unsubscribes, bounces or the email simply does not exist, you are able to remove these email addresses from your program, helping your deliverability rates down the road.

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Email Automation

Email remains one of the most important forms of communication to your customers. While many companies are aware and executing bulk email sends, implementing email automation as part of your marketing strategy is what will separate your company from the rest. Behavioral marketing is the key to increased customer retention, loyalty, and revenue. If it is not already a part of your marketing strategy, it needs to be.

What is Email Automation?

Automated email campaigns are emails that send based off of a specific action. It could be signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, visiting your website, or simply celebrating a birthday. These types of campaigns show significantly higher engagement rates with an increase in opens and clicks due to the relevant and timely content the email provides. The best thing about automated emails? Once you set them up, they continue to send when the defined action has been met without even lifting a finger. Want to learn more and find out a couple simple campaigns you can set up? Continue below!

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Personalized Communication is Key to Retention


As you might know, repeat customers are truly the foundation of your business. They account for significant chunks of the overall business earnings, and research shows that the average revenue per visit increases exponentially with each repeat visit. While these existing customers are already advocates for your brand, requiring less convincing to make another trip or purchase, with so much competition in the marketplace, special attention and personalized communications are essential in retaining them over a lifetime.

So where should a business start when it comes to converting a one-time purchaser to a repeat purchaser, and ultimately seeking to maintain that life-long relationship? Let’s start with how this valuable segment should be communicated with. Your best customers want to be treated as the best, and certainly differently than prospects. They are already familiar with and are fans of your brand, so avoid bombarding these contacts with generic, database-wide promotions that you would send to non-customers that you know nothing about. Keep them interested to avoid losing them as a subscriber and customer by making them feel special. Start by simply speaking to (not at) your best customers as you would greet a regular in your physical business: by utilizing their known information to personalize the conversation.

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