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Speaking at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

Ascent360 is hosting an Educational Session!

Planning on attending the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market this year?  Scott Buelter, CEO of Ascent360, will be presenting on how to optimize marketing efforts to reach customers where they are spending their time.  Many companies currently market via traditional marketing channels such as Direct Mail and Email Marketing.  However, this session will discuss the best marketing tactics to reach customers through other channels such as Facebook and Google.  So, forget wasting your time and money on outdated marketing techniques that are ineffective and begin to modernize your advertising.  By optimizing your spend and extending your reach through more modern networks, you can dramatically reduce your marketing costs while increasing your revenue.

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SEO: Start with your Keywords!


Many companies spend thousands of dollars on digital advertising with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. The question is, will they be effective?  Yes. Will they be expensive?  YES! One way to lower the cost of digital ads and move your site up organically is to invest in SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. 

It all starts with your keywords.  Using consistent keywords on your website in addition to your advertising tells Google and other search engines that your content is relevant to the keywords searched. Doing this increases the likelihood they will serve your result organically and also reduce the cost of your ads.

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