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Ascent360 Becomes A Google Partner!

How To Reach Your Customers On Google & Find Similar Prospects

Ascent360 is thrilled to have been certified to become a proud Google Partner! Similar to with Facebook, we have integrated our Customer Data Platform with Google and can now export custom segmented audiences directly to Google AdWords.  AdWords automatically creates “Similar Audiences” based on your uploaded customer lists allowing you to expand your reach exponentially. Once your campaigns are set up, you simply add the audiences of your choice to the campaign and watch your Return on Investment (ROI) soar.  Talk to customers & prospects where they spend their time – Email, Facebook, Google, YouTube or Direct Mail – and ensure your maximum reach. 

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New Feature: Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

How to Utilize Facebook to Talk to Your Customers & Gain New Ones

Ascent360 is excited to announce our newest release and customer portal enhancement: Facebook Audiences Integration. In addition to building segments to build email and direct mail lists, or simply export them, our clients now have the option to push those same segmented lists directly into their Facebook for Business accounts! Talk to existing customers through the creation of a custom audience or use that same segment to build a “look-a-like” model and reach prospective customers. With over 900 million visits every day to Facebook, you can now talk to your customers and prospects where they are spending the most time.

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Heading to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market!

Outdoor Retailer

Outdoor Retailer is Around the Corner!

Will you be attending? Ascent360 will be at Outdoor Retailer summer market from Wednesday August 3rd until Saturday August 6th. While walking the floor and meeting with current clients, we would also love the opportunity to meet some new faces and talk about how we can drive revenue for your business. If you will be attending and want to chat or grab a beer, reach out to our VP of Sales, Evelyn Kirby at 315-559-9865.

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Email Automation Series – Abandoned Cart Emails

Are you Leaving Money on the Table?

Why You Should Have One

You may do a great job of helping customers along the sales process when they are in your store and ready to purchase, but what about if they are purchasing online? Are you hitting them during the process to make sure you aren’t losing a sale? According to Shopify, 67.45% of all shopping carts become abandoned before the sale ever goes through. These customers are hot leads and ready to act. Sending an abandoned cart email to remind these individuals that their items are still available, offering an incentive to buy,  or giving the feeling that their item will be lost if they don’t act now will help you secure sales that could have otherwise been lost. If you aren’t sending this type of email, you are leaving a lot of potential sales and revenue on the table.

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Email Automation Series – Win Back Emails

Pushing the Next Purchase: Win Back Emails

Why You Should Have One

Are you looking for ways to get back your customers who you have not seen in a while? Whether they are missing from visiting your brick & mortar store or you just haven’t seen them on your ecom site in forever – a Win Back Campaign that focuses on the “We Miss You!” message is a great way to wake these customers up and encourage them to re-engage with you. Winning back the attention of a previous customer is far more budget friendly than acquiring someone new. So where do you start? First identify the list. Second, focus on creative. We have found that the look and feel of the email (or email stream) is just as important as the subject line you use to entice your customers to come back. Having done a few of these types of campaigns recently for some of our clients, we have developed a good “stash” of sample emails to spark the creative juices for your email design. Third, create an inciting subject line that will get them to engage. A few suggestions of some tried and true subject lines are below.

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