In this series of Growing Revenue + Driving Engagement, we will be walking you through some powerful campaign ideas of how you can Acquire Prospects, Convert Customers, Increase your Customer Base/Spend, and Retain/Re-engage Customers. Keep visiting our blog to learn how using your existing data can convert prospects into customers that keep coming back!

Converting Prospects to Customers

Once you’ve acquired some prospects, you’ll need to figure out a way to turn them into customers. It would be nice if prospects simply went to your site or saw you email and bit the bate, but there typically needs to be more work on your side to have them purchase. According to WordStream, the median search conversion rate falls just barely over 2 percent. This shows just how much companies need to focus on their marketing strategy and nurturing those prospects. There are so many campaigns you can run, but the ones listed below are great starters. We always suggest starting with email since it’s the least expensive and generally has decent conversion rates!



Abandon Cart: 

Target those who have left items in their cart online and surprise them by sending them 
an email to complete their order. According to Shopify, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. Target them at the right place and at the right time!

1st Purchase Incentive Program: 

Draw customers in by offering them an incentive for their first purchase.

  • Free Promotional Items 
  • Price Reduction 
  • Free Access to
  • Information 
  • Loyalty Programs 
  • Prizes & Sweepstakes




Prospect Welcome: 

The welcome email is one of the most beneficial emails to set up. Because of its timeliness by
hitting the person the moment they are interested, it often has one of the highest engagement rates of all emails. A subscriber that reads the initial welcome email is far more likely to read future messages from the brand. Welcome emails are also read around 42 percent more often than promotional messages.






the newsletter is a good place to start as it allows you to talk to many customers at one time. We
suggest you move away from the typical, “spray and pray” type of email however, and segment this email to be more personalized. One effortless way to do this is to create a customer and prospect newsletter. Your customer knows who you are, so speak to them differently and give them a reason to come back. 



Email Personalization:

Send dynamic emails that are delivered personalized to the prospect. Emails can be
personalized from imagery, to name, to subject line, to email content and sections.
Some sections you may want to leave the same on all emails, such as announcements or upcoming sales.


Browse Abandonment: 

Send an email quickly to those who have recently been browsing your website or used
your app but didn’t add anything to their cart. Dynamically insert those products
or populate similar recommendations. Catch them directly after they abandoned to keep
their interest.





People are more likely to visit a local business if they have a coupon in-hand. They’ll 
likely put it in their purse or stick it on their fridge. Target prospects and convert them
to customers by sending them an incentive (post card, brochure, letter, etc.) to purchase.
Maybe it’s a tear off coupon or a coupon code. 



 Holiday Specific: 

The holiday season is one of the best time to convert prospects into customers. People are generally less brand loyal around the holidays. Targeting them with holiday emails and offers will only heighten their interest to purchase.


Event Invite:

Hosting a special event for high-value customers is a great idea. And sending invites via direct mail then follow-up with an email is an even better one! 





Web Personalization:

Personalize your web pages based on a prospect’s unique needs to guide them through the conversion funnel. It allows you to target prospects based on characteristics like gender, location, interests, and life stage. 








Target those who have either visited your page
or already added something in their cart but have yet to
purchase. Maybe they got busy, maybe they didn’t want
to pay for shipping, or maybe they found a better price on
another site. Send them a personalized reminder or free
shipping promo code to make them convert!

Don’t just stop at one campaign though. Nurture your prospects and help them realize you have the solution to their problem! 

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