Now that you’ve learned how to push an audience segment from Audience Selector to Facebook Custom Audiences, the next step is creating Facebook campaigns. To begin, you’ll want to login to your Facebook Business Manager Account and navigate to the Power Editor. From here, you can click on ‘Create Campaign’ in the upper left hand corner in order to get started.

Create Campaign & Select Marketing Objective: A campaign contains one or more ad sets and ads. You’ll choose one marketing objective for each of your campaigns. Name your campaign and select a marketing objective.

The marketing objective will determine the metrics reported on for each ad. For example, results will be listed as conversions, link clicks or leads depending on the marketing objective originally selected. Note: One a campaign is published, you cannot go back and change the marketing objective.

Marketing Objective Examples:

  • Awareness:

    Increase Brand Awareness: Reach people more likely to pay attention to your brand.
    Local Awareness: Reach people near your business.

  • Consideration:

    Clicks to Website: Send people to your website.
    Lead Generation: Collect leads for your business.

  • Conversion:

    Website Conversions: Increase conversions on your website. You’ll need a conversion pixel for your website before you can create this ad.
    Product Catalog Promotion: Automatically show products from your product catalog based on your target audience.

Create an Ad Set: Ad sets contain one or more ads. You’ll define your audience targeting, budget, schedule bidding and placement at the ad set level.
  1. Audience: Select a custom audience from the dropdown that you pushed over from Audience Selector; you can also choose to exclude certain audiences here too. You’ll be able to refine your custom audience further if desired by age, gender, location or languages; however most of your segmentation will have been completed in your audience creation in Audience Selector
  2. Placements: Choose where your ads are placed and what platforms you want your ads to appear in: Facebook (desktop feed, right column), Instagram and/or Audience Network. The Audience Network is a way for marketers to target custom audiences outside of Facebook and Instagram on mobile apps. For more information on the Audience Network, click here.
  3. Budget & Schedule: Choose from a daily or lifetime budget for your Ad Set and select whether you’d like to schedule your campaign to run ongoing or set a start and end date.
Create Your Ads: Build the creative that will display to your customers and prospects.

Choose Format – Choose how you’d like your ad to look

  • Carousel: Create an ad with 2-10 scrollable images or video
  • Single Image: Create up to 6 ads with one image each
  • Single Video: Create an ad with one video
  • Slideshow: Create a looping video ad with up to 7 images
Media Type – Upload your images or video
Page & Links – Enter your ad text, including headline description, display and destination URL and choose Call to Action button copy.
Save and Publish Your Campaign
You’ve selected an objective for your campaign, defined your audience, budget and scheduling and created your ads to display. Make sure your ads are published in order for them to go live, and continue to monitor progress each day. Feel free to reach out to your account manager for any help measuring and optimizing your ad campaigns!