Customer Data Platform

Helping to grow revenue and drive engagement, Ascent360 resides in the business of creating needle moving campaigns for any marketer. The term CDP, or Customer Data Platform, has recently emerged as the solution to companies needs for accessing better customer data and using that data to drive personalized engagement. Companies now see having a CDP as an integral part of helping to increase their ROI. These SaaS (Software as a Service)-based platforms provide highly targeted, omni-channel marketing strategies direct to customers and prospects. They also allow the company to get a complete view of the customer, no matter the touch-point. Ascent360 solves marketing problems that many companies are dealing with. Our technology combines data from multiple sources, such as point of sale, e-commerce, and email sign-up, and feeds that data into one cloud-based customer database allowing you to see a full 360 view of your customer. Using this combined data, you are then able to segment and analyze your customer base to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Ascent360 integrates with the tools you already use to then push these personalized campaigns to marketing channels such as Facebook, Google, Direct Mail, and any Email Service Provider being used. We then pull that data back into our platform as well to see what is working, what is not, and help you make smarter marketing decisions.


The Need for A Customer Data Platform:

When The CDP Institute recently asked marketers to rank uses for a single customer view, generic “personalization” came first, followed closely by two analytical uses: “customer insights” and “measure across channels”. It’s also important that companies see a full view of their customers through reporting such as Lifetime Value, RFM, Days Lapsed to execute personalized marketing effectively. David Raab, creator of The CDP Institute, a curated website that educates marketers and marketing technologists about how Customer Data Platforms can solve critical marketing data needs, explains the importance of having the software:

“There are plenty of reasons, including understanding their customers, tracking customer behavior, identifying segments for promotions, and measuring promotion results. What these all share is they require a cross-channel view of the customer, which can’t be provided by systems that execute email, Web sites, mobile apps, ad placements, call centers, or retail point of sale. In addition, many execution systems have limited reporting features for their data. This is why marketers often purchase separate systems to do Web analytics, social analytics, customer satisfaction surveys, or interaction analysis. Marketers also want advanced analytic functions such as predictive models, recommendations, and optimization. These are beyond the capabilities of most channel systems and often require cross-channel data.”

Below is a more in-depth look at Ascent360‘s capabilities:

Combines Customer Database & Marketing Software:

Our CDP software helps you clean up and combine multiple sources of data. In today’s marketing world, analysts spend the bulk of their time preparing data to make it useful – 80% by one estimate*(David Raab). It’s important that the CDP ingests, cleans, and combines these sources to make it easier for marketers to create effective campaigns to the right audience.

Analyzes Customer Analytics:

Our software will analyze your customers and prospects to deliver insight such as customer lifetime value, average order value, and RFM Score.  Seeing a full 360° view of who your customer will enable you to better communicate to them. Knowing your target customer per campaign is a crucial part of increasing marketing ROI.

Applies Strategy and Execution:

It’s easy to build and execute marketing campaigns to your customers and prospects through a CDP. This is done through digital and direct marketing channels such as email, social, text, and direct mail. Sending the right message to the right audience at the right time will give you the ability to hone in on best prospects and your current best customers. Through analysis of your data, you can better understand how to execute campaigns that will keep customers engaged, preserve loyalty, and have them coming back for more. After campaigns are implemented, our Revenue Attribution tool will enable you to see what ROI campaigns are driving and provide detailed analysis on those purchases such as product name, State purchase was made, top categories purchased, and more.

 The Purchase Journey: From Awareness to Advocacy

Taking the customer on the entire purchase journey is extremely important. Sending an email about a sale going on, but not following up after a purchase may lead to loss of a repeat customer whereas an engaging and personalized automated up-sell drip email may lead to one or more purchases. A CDP gives an in-depth look of each stage. You’re able to evaluate and target customers during the awareness, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy phase. Through promotional channels such as social media, direct mail, digital, and email, you can create completely customized campaigns centered around the information gathered by the customer data platform and deliver high customer value campaigns. The CDP allows you to deepen brand engagement and maximize marketing efforts in return for high ROI.


For more information about Ascent360’s CDP capabilities and how we can help you, contact us!