To make full use of the data in your organization, Ascent360 can integrate all the various silos of data into our Software as a Service (Saas) platform. This creates a single unified and hosted Customer Database that offers a full 360 degree view of each of your customers. We integrate data from transactional sources such as Point of Sale, Customer Service, Resort Ticketing, Lodging, Food and Beverage. Ascent360 can also integrate data from email marketing providers, social networks and other rich data sources.

What Makes Us Different?

360 Degree Customer View
Data Integration
Most marketing automation tools pull in customer information like Name and Email address, but exclude all the transactional and behavioural data sources that allows for real insight. Ascent360 integrates all of these data sources.
Dedicated Customer Account Team
100% of our accounts are assigned an Account Manager that is an expert in Strategy and Digital Marketing. You don’t need to call a help line in a different country and we won’t say goodbye once the sales process is over. Our goal is to help your business succeed.
Customer Relationship Marketing
Marketing Focus
Our solution is built by marketers for marketers. Most solutions on the market are really sales tools that are being converted into marketing tools. Ascent360 is not a contact management tool pretending to be a digital marketing solution.

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Features of Our Software:

Data Source Integration:
Ascent360 is integrated with many of the best known Point of Sale, Ticketing, Lodging and ecommerce systems including:  Retail Pro, Celerant, RTP (Resort Technology Partners), Siriusware, Magento, Lightspeed, Epicore, WebSphere, Shopatron and others.  We also integrate with various web based tools to deliver data to our platform.
Customer Segmentation:
Our software allows you to quickly and easily create customer segments based upon the integrated data in your database.  Our drag and drop segmentation tool allows for quick and easy development based upon:

  • Demographics: e.g. – All customers who are Female.
  • Behavior: e.g. –  Customer who has purchased in the past 30 days or Customers who bought a Season Pass last year
  • Geographic: e.g. – All customers who live 90 miles from the center of Los Angeles
  • Aggregated: e.g. –  All customers who have a lifetime spend of over $1000
  • Transactional: e.g. –  All prospects who clicked on an email in the past 60 days
Data Integration:
All customer data loaded into our solution goes through our proprietary matching and hygiene engine.  Email addresses are cleansed, names are fixed and phonetically matched.  All address information goes through postal hygiene including NCOA, CASS and DPV.  All customers and prospects are assigned a unique Ascent360 ID that integrates the many versions of the same person.
Database Insight:
Our software delivers deep insight into your marketing portal that includes charts and graphs that show customer growth, customer spend, your best customers, as well as various counts of customer vs. prospects.
Schedule segments to run on a periodic basis and integrate these into popular channel marketing tools
Marketing Integration:
Automatically schedule and send customer segments to marketing tools such as ExactTarget, EzTexting, Votigo Social Marketing and Direct Mail shops to quickly and easily execute on Marketing Campaigns.
Customer Lookup and Edit:
Lookup specific customers in your database, view all their attributes, transactions, lifetime spend and contact information.  Update and edit this information via a single source.