Survey/Customer Feedback

Why You Should Have One

Like the Post Purchase Product Review Email, an email asking for customer feedback or to take a quick survey can go a long way. This survey, however, goes beyond simply reviewing a product or service. This can range from customer service experience, to ease of purchase, to feedback on an event they just attended, or perhaps a hotel or resort they just returned from. These emails and surveys are easy to create and can give you invaluable information that you otherwise couldn’t have received. Capturing customer testimonials as well as taking the customer through the post-purchase journey allows them to feel like a part of the brand. Who knows, maybe they will even refer a friend if they had a great experience!

How It Works

It’s pretty simple to send a customer feedback email survey. The survey content should include feedback on the product, purchase experience, and associated customer service. These emails also need to be timely to provide the best quality of information. If you are sending a post-stay survey, sending it three weeks after their stay will not help you. It needs to be almost immediate while the experience is still fresh in their mind. It is also important to include within the email the length of time the survey will take to complete and any incentive they may receive for be willing to help. Remind the customer that their assessment is important and cultivating an appreciative dialogue will help to win them over. Their feedback is an integral part of making sure other customers have a great shopping experience!

Creative We Love                                                                      

Artifact Uprising Customer Survey Email

Customer Feedback-Artifact Uprising

Customer Survey Email

Customer Feedback-Kate Spade


Walt Disney Resort Customer Survey Email

Customer Feedback-Walt Disney Resorts

Outdoor Retailer Customer Survey Email

Customer Feedback-Outdoor Retailer


Remember: Tracking Customer Feedback/Survey Emails are just as important as having them. If you don’t know how and why the program worked, you can’t continue or change it for your business’ future success. Need help, strategizing, implementing, or tracking your Survey/Customer Feedback campaigns? Contact us here!

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