Birthday Emails

Why You Should Have One

Let’s be honest, everyone loves celebrating their birthday. Even if you say you don’t, you know it feels pretty awesome when someone remembers it. Flowers delivered, a surprise cupcake when you get home, or maybe even some donuts at work are always a nice surprise. As adults, life gets in the way and sometimes we even forget or simply don’t want to acknowledge and tell others that it’s our birthday. The point is, telling someone happy birthday is never a bad thing and offering them a little special gift for their birthday is even better! With high open rates, your message will be read, well received, and your offer probably taken up on. Birthday emails cultivate brand loyalty and are a powerful way to grow your business. Everyone likes the sentimental surprise of a birthday gift, make sure you are giving one to your customers!

How It Works

A simple birthday campaign can be set up to send to a subscriber on their birthday, or during their birthday month. It’s really one of the best performing automated emails you can create!

Add a Little Mystery- Who doesn’t like a little mystery to the surprise? A great way to engage your customers is to send a suspenseful birthday email, thus leading the customer to open their special gift and use the incentive!

Personalize It– Another way to improve engagement is to personalize the email. Doesn’t it make you feel special when you see your name and birthday date embedded in an email? It makes the customer feel known. The more customization present in the email, the more customers will want to engage with what you are offering.

Send Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse- Everyone loves to feel like they are special. Offer them an out-of-the-ordinary discount or even something free! Because who doesn’t love a great deal and free stuff?! 

Panera Bread Birthday Email

Mystery birthday emails Birthday Email

Personalized birthday emails

Anthropologie Birthday Email

Offer you can't refuse- birthday emails


Other Creative We Love

DSW Birthday Email

Birthday emails 1

Ulta Birthday Email

Birthday emails 3

Adidas Birthday Email


Remember: Tracking Birthday emails are just as important as having them. If you don’t know how and why the program worked, you can’t continue or change it for your business’ future success. Need help, strategizing, implementing, or tracking your Birthday campaigns? Contact us here!

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