Email remains one of the most important forms of communication to your customers. While many companies are aware and executing bulk email sends, implementing email automation as part of your marketing strategy is what will separate your company from the rest. Behavioral marketing is the key to increased customer retention, loyalty, and revenue. If it is not already a part of your marketing strategy, it needs to be.

What is Email Automation?

Automated email campaigns are emails that send based off of a specific action. It could be signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, visiting your website, or simply celebrating a birthday. These types of campaigns show significantly higher engagement rates with an increase in opens and clicks due to the relevant and timely content the email provides. The best thing about automated emails? Once you set them up, they continue to send when the defined action has been met without even lifting a finger. Want to learn more and find out a couple simple campaigns you can set up? Continue below!

Ten Automated Email Campaigns to Help You Communicate & Grow Revenue

Welcome Email

The easiest and most beneficial campaign to start with is a Welcome Email. Regardless of how a new individual joins your list, it is important to show they are valued. When someone joins your email list, you want to send them an email welcoming them to the family, show them the value of joining, invite them to follow your social channels or possibly provide them an incentive to purchase. Sending an email to each of these people by hand once they join would not only be tedious but extremely time consuming. That is where email automation comes into play. Simply create a welcome email that can be sent to these people once they land in that specific list. Once they enter the list, the email will be sent automatically minutes after they join without your team having to do anything other than creating the initial email. Below are some example welcome emails to get your creative juices flowing!

Starbucks Welcome Email:
Starbucks Welcome Email
Kate Spade Welcome Email:
Kate Spade Welcome Email
Michael’s Welcome Email Series

Michael’s has implemented a two touch welcome series with the first email focusing on updating email preferences to ensure you get the information you want followed by a second email explaining the benefits of being on their email list. A welcome series can provide great value and education to your consumer before pushing them into your general marketing stream.

First email in series
Michaels Welcome Email
Second email in series
Michaels Welcome Email

Abandon Cart Emails

You may be hitting customers before and after they purchase, but what about during the process? Did you know that 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned before the sale ever goes through? If you are not communicating with these people, you have just lost a significant amount of sales. An abandon cart email can help remind the customer of the product they were looking at, possibly provide them with an incentive to buy, or give them the feeling that their product is in high demand with copy such as “your item is almost gone!”. These types of emails can recover a sale that would have otherwise been lost. As a company, you can decide and test how long after the cart is abandoned that the email is sent. Maybe it is 1 hour, 6 hours, or 24 hours but best to get something in place before you miss out on these opportunities. Below are a few creative examples that companies have used to give a gentle reminder to their customers.

J. Crew Abandoned Cart Email:
Levi’s Abandoned Cart Email:

Thank You For Your Order/Order Has Shipped Emails

While your eComm or Point of Sale system should have something in place to automatically send a confirmation email once a purchase has been made, it is always a good idea as a company to follow up with a more on-brand email to ensure the customer of their purchase. Tell them how excited you are they chose you to order from, when their item might arrive, or possibly an offer off their next purchase. Once you have that in place, also make sure you are communicating once their order has shipped. Even if you have given them a tracking number, it is always best to follow up with them to ease their mind and give them an opportunity to get excited about the items they are about to receive! This also gives you an opportunity for any additional instructions or a chance to push a review or social follow! These are your best customers, make sure you are taking care of them!

Abercrombie & Fitch Post Purchase Email
Abercrombie & Fitch Post Purchase Email
Stitch Fix Post Purchase Email
Stitch Fix Post Purchase Email

ReEngagement Emails:

There comes a time in every marketing program when subscribers are starting to feel a little burnt out. You are starting to see your open rates and click through rates drop but you have done nothing different and can’t figure out why. It could be that your list is getting fatigued and needs a little push to be woken up. You want your communication to be a two way street and if your subscribers are no longer engaging with your brand, it is time to wake them up or get them out. Your re-engagement campaigns should always feature a couple call to actions; one to keep them in the list and one to take them out. These campaigns can automatically be set up to send to anyone that has not engaged with your emails within a specified amount of time. Whenever a subscriber falls into that bucket, this email will send automatically to them. Keeping an active and engaged list is important to not only increase your engagement rates, but to also avoid spending budget on subscribers that are no longer interested.

Not On High Street Re-Engagement Email:
Not on the high Street ReEngagement Email
Lowe’s Re-engagement Email:
Lowe's Re-engagement Email
Chipotle Re-Engagement Email:
Chipotle Re-Engagement Email

Win Back Emails:

Even your best customers sometimes need a little push to make their next purchase. When it has been a while since a customer has made their last purchase, they may need a small incentive to purchase again. A message such as “We’ve Missed You” or “It’s Been A While” coupled with an enticing offer can bring a customer back for a repeat purchase. It is 3 to 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one, making these campaigns well worth the time and effort to get in place. You can determine the length of time between purchases that you want to wait to hit them again, but often a 30 day, 60 day and 90 day post purchase stream is a great place to start!

Carter’s Win-Back Email
Carter's Win Back Email
Hautelook Win-Back Email

Loyalty Emails:

More than likely, around 20% of your customers make up 80% of your revenue. What does that mean exactly? It means that keeping those 20% happy and satisfied is extremely important to your business. Creating a loyalty program can help you win them over and keep them coming back but even a little can go a long way. If you are not in the position to be able to start a full loyalty program, start simpler with a special offer to your best customers. Offer them something your other customers can’t get whether that be a free gift with purchase, an increased discount, or free shipping on their next order. Take care of your best customers because they may mean more to your business than you even realize. 

Tobi Loyalty Email:
Tobi loyalty email. Subject line: You're Special On Our List | Shop 40% Off Sitewide
Starbucks Refer-a-Friend Rewards Email:
starbucks refer a friend rewards email. subject line: Refer more friends, earn more Stars:

Birthday Emails:

Let’s be honest, everyone loves celebrating their birthday. Even if you say you don’t, you know it feels pretty awesome when someone remembers your big day. Flowers delivered, a surprise cupcake when you get home, or maybe even some donuts at work. The point is, telling someone happy birthday is never a bad thing. Offering them a little special gift for their birthday is even better! A simple birthday campaign set up to send to a subscriber on their birthday, or during their birthday month, is one of the best performing automated emails you can create. With high open rates, your message will be read, well received, and your offer probably taken up on. Everyone likes a birthday gift, make sure you are giving one to your customers!

Shoedazzle Birthday Email:
Shoedazzle Birthday email. Subject line: Hey, Birthday Girl! 20% Off Any Full-Price Style*
Gap Birthday Email:
Subject Line: Last chance: get your birthday treat! Preheader: Hurry, you still have one week left to redeem your birthday offer!:
Piperlime Birthday Email:
Piperlime birthday email 06/15/2014 SL: You say it's your birthday?!:

Anniversary Emails:

Any excuse to celebrate is a good enough excuse. Am I right?! And celebrating an anniversary is as good of an excuse as ever! Using the date a customer made their first purchase or signed up for their first email, can give you the ability to create an easy to execute anniversary email. Thank them for being with you for as long as they have, with an offer to keep them shopping. Below are a few great examples of how creative for an anniversary email can be done well!

Little Woods Anniversary Email:
anniversary email- little woods
Modcloth Anniversary Email:
Modcloth Anniversary Email

Post Purchase Product Review:

It today’s day and age, reviews are everything. Most people now look to reviews before making any purchase from a purse to a new car. Having your customers share their feedback on their recent purchase is not only useful to your other customers but also useful to you as a company. You need to be aware of what people are saying, whether good or bad and take action on any items that need your attention. These emails can be automated to send after a purchase once the customer has had enough time to receive the item and use the item. Typically, sending this email two weeks after purchase is a good amount of time to ensure they have received and used it. As always, this timeline may change depending on your business and can easily be adjusted to fit the timing that is right for you and your business!

Kate Spade Review Email:
Kate Spade Review Email

Survey/Customer Feedback:

Like the post purchase product review email, an email asking for customer feedback or to take a quick survey can go a long way. This can range from anything such as their customer service experience, their feedback on an event they just attended, or perhaps a hotel or resort they just stayed at. These emails and surveys are easy to create and can give you invaluable information that you otherwise couldn’t have received. These emails also need to be timely to provide the best quality of information. If you are sending a post-stay survey, sending it three weeks after their stay will not help you. It is needs to be almost immediate while the experience is still fresh in their mind. It is also important to include within the email the length of time the survey will take to complete and any incentive they may receive for be willing to help!

Artifact Uprising Survey Email:
Artifact Uprising Email
Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Survey Email:

Adding email automation into your marketing strategy is the key to survival for any company. These ten automated emails are a great place to start! Need help implementing these type of campaigns or need further strategy ideas? Contact us to start getting your needle moving campaigns in place today!