In this series of Growing Revenue + Driving Engagement, we will be walking you through some powerful campaign ideas of how you can Acquire Prospects, Convert Customers, Increase your Customer Base/Spend, and Retain/Re-engage Customers. Keep visiting our blog to learn how using your existing data can convert prospects into customers that keep coming back!


Referrals and networking can only go so far. The first step on a customer’s journey is acquiring them as a prospect. These people don’t even know you exist so it’s your job to introduce them to you and educate them on what you do. Then you want to bring your brand to the top of their mind periodically and nurture them into eventually buying. Additionally, you probably don’t want to create awareness and acquire just anyone who may fall off a couple weeks later. Target those who resemble your very BEST customers so you don’t waste their time or yours. 

It’s easy to utilize your best customers using your customer data platform. If you market smartly and utilize the data you already have, you’ll be sure to enter more potential customers into your funnel. Because at the end of the day, data is just data until you do something with it! 

Below are some examples of how to acquire new prospects. Strategically, you’ll want to do a little research and see which campaign(s) may have worked well in the past. Once you try the campaign for at least one month, if it’s not performing well, you can change it up and try something new. We always suggest starting with email because it’s effective and inexpensive, so that’s where we’ll start.



Co-Marketing Emails: Sometimes, two is better than one! Consider sending a partnered email campaign with another company who is complementary and appeals to the same or similar customer base. If you’re an outdoor brand, maybe you want to partner with an event company. This is a great way to gain new prospects that the other company may have an existing list of already.


Facebook/Google Lookalike Audiences: Create a lookalike audience based on similar attributes like geotargeting, psychographics, and demographics. This allows you to reach new people who resemble your best customer segment through remarketing based on traits from Custom Audiences, website visitors, or page fans. For example, let’s say you have an existing custom audience from your best customers based on lifetime value, transaction value, total order size, and engagement. Additionally, consider using a group of 1,000 to 50,000 of your best customers so you can ensure you have enough data to pull from.

Social Contests: Use your social media platform(s) to create a social media contest for anyone willing to participate. Tie your social contest with an omnichannel campaign to nurture across channels. Also, consider asking those who enter to share the contest or link the page. This builds loyalty and creates space to acquire prospect info!

Social Ads: Paid social ads can run on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. page(s) to your target prospects. Rotate your ads frequently, and test your text and images on small samples. Social ads can look differently. They can be photos, video, carousel, and canvas. Also, don’t forget to keep your mobile prospects in mind! Upload your segmented list straight into Facebook with the click of a button. Social ads are a great way to acquire prospect information because you can’t help but see them!



Catalogs: Acquire new prospects by sending your brand catalog to them. Though costlier, this will create a demand for purchase. It also typically has a longer shelf-life than post cards or other direct mail pieces. You can segment your list with your best customers and buy or rent a list to send direct mail to. Direct mail is a great option because it actually gets in front of the person you are trying to reach. 


Customer Model List Rental: There are numerous ways you can segment your current customers. As mentioned above, in order to effectively market to prospects, rent or buy a list of your best customers based on specific attributes you want to target. These attributes could be as general as gender or age, or as complicated as ability level, customer type, average order value, last purchase, preferred store, and the list could go on!

Holiday Specific: Bring prospects in the door with holiday-specific offers that you don’t offer any other time of the year. Capitalize on the festive nature of the holiday season and create a direct mail campaign that attracts those who love a good deal. If done correctly, direct mail creates word-of-mouth. And don’t forget to start your campaign early as people are shopping as early as August/September.

Geotargeted List Segmentation: In the Ascent360 dashboard, you can find a heat map where your best customers can be found. You can then rent/buy a list based on where you want to send emails, direct mail, etc. based on specific attributes such as a geographic area that you don’t currently send to or that your competitor currently targets. 



Offline App: Ascent360 has created an offline app that many of our current clients use to acquire people at events. The company has an app on their device and they can then collect names/contact information of people they meet or those who want to sign up for emails, freebies, etc. The company is able to collect this info while not on Wi-Fi and then when it connects back it auto populates into the Ascent360 database. This is important because we are able to capture both online and offline data.

Forms Sign-Up: Forms are a great way for prospects to find out more information, download freebies, or sign-up for a subscription. In order to make your form effective, create a clear call-to-action and don’t make your form very lengthy.

Search/Display Ads: Use your CDP to create ads based on your best customers to attract similar prospects. These ads appear on the Engine Search Page to lift top-of-mind awareness. Similar to search ads, but allow you to upload and place ads with imagery across a variety of third party websites (sites usually related to your content or service in some way).

Pop-Ups: Pop-ups on your site allows prospects to sign-up for email/newsletter/etc. Copyblogger found that implementing a pop-up strategy immediately boosted email list opt-ins. Though they can be annoying, they are also extremely effective!


Don’t just stop at one campaign though. Nurture your prospects and help them realize you have the solution to their problem! 

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