Start 2018 Off Strong!

2017 flew by, didn’t it? And with the holidays fast approaching, you don’t make the mistake of not following up after the holidays and losing potential customers! It’s important to speak to the market that may want to take advantage of post-holiday sales, use their gift card or those who return their gifts in hopes to replace it with something else.

Post-holiday sales can lead to great revenue. It is important to speak to everyone to promote your post-holiday offers, whether they purchased with you over the holidays or not. Promote a message such as “get what you really wanted this year” or “now, time to buy for yourself.” Through these, you can speak to your customers in a way to get them to continue their holiday spending. Many people will receive money or gift cards as presents, give them a reason to use them! Just because the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean the spending stops, and neither should your promotions!

Post-Holiday Campaigns

Right after the holidays comes New Years. This is typically a time for retailers and brands to get rid of holiday stock and make room for new arrivals. Maximizing your sales via post-holiday marketing is a smart strategy. Since these post-holiday days are critical for acquiring new customers, think about stuffing their bags with incentives to come back to your store. Look beyond the sales and onto creating lifelong, loyal customers.

A great way to do this is by pushing your loyalty program (if you have one). If there’s a small, extra discount on top of your already on-sale items, customers will be more likely to sign up for your loyalty program. From your loyalty program, you’ll likely gain a significant number of customers. So, how do you keep them? It’s important to keep on top of your customer data, continuing to add prospects and customers to your database and analyzing them. It’s easy to let this fall to the wayside, considering how many gift cards are likely being purchased, but keeping up with and strategizing off your existing data is one of the most critical parts of a business!

Another way to turn post-holiday prospects into customers is to actually take advantage of and be ready for all the returns you’ll likely be getting. Perhaps you could offer some kind of discount for those who purchase something extra after the return. In general, returns are not ideal, but giving those people exceptional customer service and reminding them of deals you have going on may bring them back for their next gift! Remember, if they made a return, not all is lost! Most importantly, you now have their data in your system. In fact, why not shoot them a follow-up email?


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