With Cyber Monday being less than 150 days away, it’s definitely time to start thinking about your plan of attack when it comes to marketing to your prospects and customers. According to a Google Consumer Survey, 30% of shoppers will begin their holiday shopping before Halloween. There’s quite a bit of work that goes into holiday season planning so you’ll want to embrace these trends for 2017. If you do, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. The earlier you start, the more top-of-mind your company will be and the more successful holiday season you will have!

OmniChannel Retailing & Innovative Marketing

The line between online, offline, and mobile shopping continues to blur. More and more, people compare prices online, reserve online and pickup in-store, buy from applications and utilize other non-traditional forms of shopping. “In 2017, there will be more emphasis placed on the omnichannel experience as companies continue to look for fresh ways to connect with consumers through the intersection of offline and online,” Vishaal Melwani, CEO of menswear retailer Combatant Gentlemen, told Retail Dive. Some retailers will simply try to grasp what it means to create an omnichannel buying experience. Others will have a more innovative approach to their marketing tactics such as ramping up digital ads, creative email content, price-matching, interactive displays, pop-up shops and more. It’s not only about selling your product through multiple retail channels or solely inventive marketing. It’s a combination of both that drives a potential prospect to become a lifelong customer and have an exceptional pre to post-purchase experience. Think outside the box with your omnichannel retailing and innovative marketing strategies. Moving past the brick-and-mortar stores and into the future to match customer’s buying habits will allow retailers to get ahead in your holiday season marketing!

User Content

According to AdWeek.com, 85% of people trust content created by others. That’s a pretty hefty number when you think about it. Of all the content created by brands and retailers, the content that’s most valued by customers and prospects are those by the actual users! So, how can you market around that statistic? Think of innovative ideas for your customers to write reviews, create case studies, film testimonials, social shares, blog posts and so on. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram for 2 minutes you’ll be sure to run into some form of review or video from a B-list celebrity, endorsing a product they claim to love! Companies are beginning to see the impact influencer marketing is having, especially on millennials. As “search-before-you-shop” and social and visual media usage continues to rise, word-of-mouth through user content will become an essential part of many companies’ holiday marketing plans.

Marketing Segmentation for All Seasons

We have all been overwhelmed with a number of generic salesy emails around the holidays. So, what sets you apart from the others? Segmenting your audiences is really the only way to make emails effective (not just during holidays, but always!). Yes, it’s helpful to customize the email based on the person’s name in the subject line. However, personalized and curated notifications will create a conversation and relationship, and hopefully, lead to a sale!

For example, maybe you are a shoe retailer who specializes in outdoor boots. You segment your email audience to males who live in the northwest US, where it is usually pretty cold and rainy around the holidays. The emails dynamically populate with the corresponding content. The email first shows the top-5 male boot styles with creative showing a man hauling a Christmas tree in through the muddy woods. It then shows an offer for 15% off and free shipping if they purchase by a particular date. Another segmented audience is women with ages ranging from 18-32. It’s also segmented to send to women living in Florida where it’s usually pretty warm around the holidays. Included in the email is a picture of Santa under a palm tree. Next are 5 ways to stay “cool” during the holidays. Underneath that is a curated tropical holiday season playlist. Lastly is the same 15% off and free shipping offer. 


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