Ascent360 is releasing a number of new features and updates over the coming weeks. Here is a brief rundown of some of the new features:

Executive Email Overview: First up is a monthly executive overview of your program. This is an email that will be delivered once per month that will show a number of key metrics for your program. The metrics include things like “Number of New Email Opt-Ins 30 Days”, “Count of Prospects”, “New Customer Growth Percent – Last Month” as well as some email metrics like “Avg Open Rate – Last Month” and “Emails Sent – Last Month” – Release Date – December 2015

2015-12-16 13_44_33-Your Monthly Database and Email Summary from Ascent360

Customer Data View:  Have you wondered what is the best way to dig in and see your customers and their information?  We have had a number of clients ask us for this ability and in doing so, we are releasing the Customer Data View – This new feature will allow you to see your customers formatted like an excel spreadsheet with the ability to filter and sort on specific customer attributes.  If you are interested in seed your “High Value, but Lapsed Customers”, you can do this with only two clicks.  Alternatively, you may want to see your best customers from the past 30 days….also only two clicks.  You will also have the ability to export customers. – Release Date – December 2015

2015-12-16 13_39_33-Ascent360 - Client Portal

Beginner Conversion:  The NSAA / RRC Beginner Conversion program has received a complete make over for this upcoming year.  Over 50 charts and graphs along with different ways to slice and dice the data, such as age, gender, income and lesson type.  The charts and graphs are all easier to read, more colorful and we believe will tell a better story.

NSAA Beginner Conversion

Marketing Revenue and ROI:  Are you interested in knowing how much revenue you are earning when you send an email?  If so you may be very excited by the January release of our Marketing Revenue ROI tool-set.  Google Analytics does a decent, but not perfect job of this for E-commerce Sales, but does nothing for in store sales.  Our tool will do a better job of both e-commerce revenue tracking as well as in-store revenue tracking.  For every email you send, we will track revenue, products sold as well as product categories.  This will enable us to provide better insight on marketing plans as well as successes. Release Date – January 2016

Audience Selector Updates:   Audience Selector, our segmentation tool, is being totally redeveloped using HTML 5 to ensure compatibility across all browsers and mobile devices.  This exciting change will allow us to start developing new and intuitive ways to create simple and effective marketing segments.  Our first iteration will be fully HTML5 and will include a more streamlined audience builder…..see the image below.  We welcome your feedback on how this tool would be most simple and effective.  This first version will be going live in late January, however we will then be releasing an audience “Wizard” in the following months. Release Date – January 2016