Putting Segmentation and Data Mining in the Hands of Marketing

Customer segmentation and personalization is key in creating effective marketing campaigns, but creating different segments can be time consuming and difficult. Often the power of creating these lists lies outside of the marketing department and in the hands of technology who must create complex code to create such lists. Marketers need tools that allow them to do complicated data mining and segmentation in order to see who the customer is, create effective campaigns, and be able to execute these campaigns in a timely manner. Ascent360 has worked hard to make this a top priority in our software. We understand that importance of placing the power back with marketing and have launched a new version of Audience Selector that will help our clients do just that. With simple drag and drop software, list building is easier than ever. Look through your transactional, customer, and email data to easily build compelling campaigns such as a Lapsed Customer Winback or a Pre-Arrival/Post-Departure stream. With all of your data in one place, the segments you can create are endless.

Our new and improved Audience Selector is fully HTML5 compatible and engineered to perform in every browser.

Drag & Drop Interface


Effective Segmentation


Create Recurring Campaigns with Ease


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