Post Purchase Product Review Emails

Why You Should Have One

Most people now look to reviews before making any purchase from a purse to a new car. In today’s day and age, reviews are everything. Having your customers share their feedback on a recent purchase is not only useful to your other customers but also useful to you as a company. You need to be aware of what people are saying, whether good or bad, and take action on any items that need your attention through post purchase product review emails. On the flip side, customers are more likely to purchase your product or service if the rating is 5-stars. Win-win!

How It Works

Once the customer has had enough time to receive and use the purchased item, these emails can be automated to send. Typically, sending the email two weeks after purchase is a good amount of time to ensure they have received and used it. As always, this timeline may change depending on your business and can easily be adjusted to fit the timing that is right for you and your business. Another thought, make the email fun and interesting! Simply adding a small line asking to fill out a survey will probably lead to an overlooked survey altogether. Personalize it, make it colorful and engaging, highlight the importance of it, and take the customer on the purchase journey with you. Something else you may want to keep in mind, “what’s in it for the customer?” The customer is probably more prone to fill out the survey if there is an incentive involved. Perhaps a “Take $15 Off Your Next Purchase” discount code will motivate them to take the extra time and fill it out honestly. If the customer already bought something, giving them some kind of motivation will more than likely lead to another purchase.

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American Eagle Post Purchase Product Review Email

Post Purchase Product Review Emails-American Eagle

Jack Spade Post Purchase Product Review Email


Post Purchase Product Review Emails- Jack Spade

Jaybird Post Purchase Product Review Email

Post Purchase Product Review Emails- Jaybird‎

Adidas Post Purchase Product Review Email

Post Purchase Product Review Emails-Adidas


Remember: Tracking Post Purchase Product Review Emails are just as important as having them. If you don’t know how and why the program worked, you can’t continue or change it for your business’ future success. Need help, strategizing, implementing, or tracking your Post Purchase Review Emails campaigns? Contact us here!


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