Many companies spend thousands of dollars on digital advertising with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. The question is, will they be effective?  Yes. Will they be expensive?  YES! One way to lower the cost of digital ads and move your site up organically is to invest in SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. 

It all starts with your keywords.  Using consistent keywords on your website in addition to your advertising tells Google and other search engines that your content is relevant to the keywords searched. Doing this increases the likelihood they will serve your result organically and also reduce the cost of your ads.

Keyword research is the most important first step in optimizing your site.  Oftentimes a slight variation of a word can produce significantly higher traffic.  For example, if you sell cars, here are the number of average monthly searches for variations on the same word:

KeywordAverage Monthly Searches
Car  450,000
Autos 12,100

As you can see, the word you choose makes a big difference in the opportunities users have of discovering your website.  Google offers a free and easy tool to do your keyword research called the Keyword Planner.  You will need an AdWords account – sign up for free!

Pick the low hanging fruit! Start with keywords that are already bringing traffic to your site.  Go into your Google Analytics account and analyze the Queries report from the SEO section.  You will have an easier time moving up in the organic results if you start with keywords that Google already shows as relevant for your site. 

Finally, find suggestions for your keywords by checking out your competitors.  Just go to Google, type in the relevant keywords and see who is at the top of the list organically (you can also see who is paying to be at the top through advertising).  See what other keywords those competitors are focusing on.  Note that Google displays paid advertising results as well as organic results, here is a sample of how a page will be displayed:

Keyword planning is only step 1 in SEO.  Once you identify your keywords, you need to implement them on your site and in your advertising.  if you are looking to do this in-house, here is Google’s SEO Starter Guide. If you are looking for a little extra assistance, Ascent360 can help – Contact us today to learn more!

Stick around as this will also be part two of our SEO Execution Series: Implementing Your Keywords