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How Technology is Changing the Retail Landscape

In a world where technology is replacing human practices, there’s pressure on brick-and-mortar retailers to up their game and deliver products that are easily accessible, easy to navigate, and consistent across multiple points of purchase. And though there is still extreme value to face-to-face sales, these unavoidable technology changes prove to be daunting for many retailers. Read on to learn about the changing retail landscape and what can be done to overcome these challenges. 

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Press Release: AscentCRM Brings Clarity to Big Data

Golden, CO, April 5, 2016 – AscentCRM, LLC, launches a new tool this month that allows extreme visibility into its customer marketing analytics with highly customizable filter features and graphing capabilities. The revolutionary Marketing ROI toolset is now part of the complete package offered to clients of their customer relationship marketing services.

“Think of it as Google Analytics revenue tracking but for both online and bricks and mortar sales,” said Scott Buelter, CEO of AscentCRM. “This is a huge game changer as far as the way our customers can view their data. You now are able to understand how your marketing campaigns are driving revenue and then dig into the data and slice the data down to the product sold. Virtually whatever you need as far as analysis from a marketing campaign, you now can see.”

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