Now is the perfect time to start creating your Holiday Marketing Campaign for the 2016 Christmas season.  As companies tend to advertise physical products in order to boost end of the year sales, these unique campaigns offer a different approach.  In spite of the Holiday Season, here are some of the best Holiday Marketing Campaigns from some of the nation’s top retail brands.

REI #OptOutside Campaign

The REI #OptOutside campaign was created to promote a different version of Black Friday. Using a non-traditional marketing approach, the campaign, rather than driving sales towards their e-commerce site, was created to encourage the opposite: opting outside.  The company sent letters to their 5 million members saying that all storefronts would be closed on Black Friday.  With images geared towards outdoor activities of all sorts, REI wanted their members to take the day off and spend time with friends and family.  This “Thank You” campaign doesn’t advertise any products, but instead creates positive thinking towards REI for future purchases from loyal customers.

The North Face “How to Get Your Gear On Time” Campaign

The North Face “How to Get Your Gear On Time” campaign wasn’t sent out in the form of an e-mail. Rather, it was posted directly on the home page of their e-commerce site. Instead of customers shopping on getting hit with an advertisement for a physical product, this campaign allows the customer to do their own shopping with no immediate pressure to buy.  Ensuring that your gear arrives by Christmas time, they provided a list of dates that will guarantee the arrival of your gear for the big day.  This call-to-action campaign allows customers to think about their holiday shopping ideas while keeping in mind the shipping deadlines to ensure they make the purchase before it’s too late and don’t miss the Christmas deadline.

Lululemon Dude’s Day Campaign

If your brand has a storefront, this marketing campaign is definitely one to consider. Lululemon is a gifting favorite especially during the holiday season and when it comes to shopping for your wife, girlfriend or significant other, this campaign covers it all.  Lululemon invites “dudes” to their storefront in Arizona to pick out stocking stuffers for their mates while offering pizza and beer – how can you go wrong? Hosting the event before the holiday mayhem begins (5 days before Christmas) will ensure not only a great time, but sales will surely spike.  By combining feel good food, helpful employees to pick out gifts and a little bit of alcohol, men will start their journey into the store with the intention of purchasing a stocking stuffer, but will often come out with a little something for themselves. If a campaign like this is in line with your brand, think about how you too could offer something similar to get people in the door.

Moosejaw Lazy Gift Guide 

If your brand has a large social media following, consider Moosejaw’s Lazy Gift Guide campaign. Instead of employees of the company coming up with gifts for the holidays, they asked their followers on Facebook and Twitter to do the job for them.  Many brands underestimate the amount of research people do (especially for clothing) which is why this marketing technique is so effective.  It allows loyal customers an opportunity to share their favorite winter gear, opening up choices to a wide variety of brands that are frequently looked over.  Instead of relying on star ratings to select merchandise on Moosejaw’s website, real people on social media can voice their opinion on their favorite brands. This not only boosts sales for Moosejaw, but it is one of the lowest cost marketing techniques for a last minute holiday marketing campaign.

Helly Hansen Confident When It Matters Campaign

Although this Helly Hansen campaign was created in 2014, the advertisement itself is still very effective. Debuting their new US WorkWear collection, the image and the tagline go perfectly together.  A man on a telephone wire works over a canyon wearing Helly Hansen WorkWear.  With snow on the ground, it’s cold and the man needs gear that will help protect against the worst winter conditions.  The word “confident” refers to his gear set up – if he’s not warm and comfortable, how is he supposed to be confident in his work? This is a perfect example of how a simple image and creative verbiage can go a long way.  Because it was so effective, Helly Hansen decided to run the same advertisement the following year only using different images shown on the right.

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