It's Not Rude to Exclude: Why You Need Exclusion Group

At Ascent360, we are constantly stressing the importance of knowing your audience. And, after putting crucial time and consideration into developing a targeted audience for each of your email marketing campaigns, it’s worth noting that it can be just as important to determine whether there are people in that group that you shouldn’t send to. Creating an exclusion group can help you target only the right people for your message.

Oftentimes, there are good reasons to exclude subscribers from a campaign in order to keep communications with your database as relevant as possible. And, with Ascent’s insight into the demographics and most recent actions and purchase behaviors of your customers, there is no excuse not to know your customers and speak to them accordingly.

Perhaps you are sending out the second touch in an email series promoting an online sale and were planning on sending each email to the same audience throughout the promotion. Why not create an audience of people who have already made a purchase during the sales event and exclude them from receiving subsequent emails for the promotion in order to avoid possible annoyance? In this case, knowing your customers means understanding when to not speak to them. Similarly, if you are sending out an email asking your subscribers to perform a specific action, such as registering for an event or purchasing their yearly pass, sending that message to a person who has already signed up or made the purchase will only result in confusion or worse, distrust of your company’s organization and processes.

So next time you’re developing an audience for an upcoming campaign, consider whether creating an exclusion group would benefit the relationship you’re trying to foster with your customers. What is the goal of the campaign? Is there a segment that historically has not been receptive to a particular communication? Should we exclude purchasers within a certain timeframe? Are we speaking to this customer too frequently? Asking these questions and going through the extra step of forming an exclusion group is a silent way of acknowledging that you understand your customer and one that I bet will lower your unsubscribe rate as well!