Automation Series: All About the Welcome Email

Why You Should Have One

As mentioned in our previous, Email Automation blog post, a welcome email is one of the easiest and most beneficial emails you can create. A Welcome Email will have one of your highest engagement rates of any email as you are hitting the individual at the moment they are interested. This is your chance to welcome new subscribers, tell them the benefits of being on the list, set expectations and possibly convert an interest into a sale. This is your first impression, make sure it counts!

Catching them at their first interaction has also been shown to improve their engagement later on. According to a study by Return Path, a subscriber that reads the initial welcome email is far more likely to read future messages from the brand. Welcome emails are also read around 42 percent more often than promotional messages. This allows for a great opportunity to engage and convert your subscriber right off the bat. In addition, a welcome email can also help to improve list quality. If anyone unsubscribes, bounces or the email simply does not exist, you are able to remove these email addresses from your program, helping your deliverability rates down the road.

How It Works

A welcome email is sent automatically upon an individual taking a specific action. It could be once they submit their email address to join your newsletter, make a purchase, or sign up through a contest or promotion. The most important thing about a welcome email is that it is timely. While you may encounter areas with no wifi or other offline collection points that make this email delayed, the goal should always be to send it out immediately after the action was taken. At this time, the subscriber is interested thus making it the perfect time to strike. A delayed response will only hurt your engagement rates and potential conversion.
You can easily set this up using our Audience Selector tool so that every time a subscriber signs up, a welcome email will automatically be sent to them. Interested in a demo? Contact us.  

Subject Lines That Go Beyond “Welcome to Our Newsletter”

The subject line of these emails is very important. You want to be straightforward and upfront about what the email is. Below are a few examples of subject lines we like:

from Ann Taylor: A Gift to Welcome You to Ann Taylor

This subject line gets right to the point of why you should open the email: you get a gift! Giving an incentive directly in the subject line is a great way to increase opens.

from ModCloth: We’re delighted to have you! Here’s a little intro info.

Modcloth uses its welcome email to introduce the company and some popular designs. The subject line hints that you may find more information about what it means to be part of the Modcloth community inside.

from Nomad: We’re glad you found us

Nomad makes it clear each of their customers are important to them, with this subject line that emphasizes they may not have been easy to find. The email includes some information about being a crowdfunded company

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