Have you ever been asked who your customer is, what is their value, and what are they purchasing but couldn’t find the answer? Knowing who your customer is may be one of the most valuable pieces of information you can know about your business. Understanding values such as purchasing behavior, lifetime value, and RFM score can allow you to make needle moving business and marketing decisions. A customer data platform, or CRM software, such as Ascent360 can help you gather, analyze and execute successful campaigns using data you already have!

So how exactly do we create a customer data platform for you and your business? It starts with finding all the different places where you store customer data such as your retail Point of Sale, ERP, ticketing, rental or even lodging systems. We gather all of those sources and integrate them into a single place to allow the system to match, de-dup, and be able to show a full view of exactly who your customer is. At the same time, we will also integrate all transactional information including every product that has been purchased, any ticket that has been scanned, and even any email they have received, opened or clicked.

Once all of this data is in your customer data platform, it is analyzed and values such as “Customer Lifetime Spend” or “Average Order Value” are created to show your data in a way that is useful to you and your business decisions. If you would like to enrich your data, we can also append demographics and psycho-graphic to go a level deeper in your customer analysis.
The largest benefit of implementing a CRM software is the ability to easily analyze data to then create customized, segmented, and automated marketing programs directly from the user interface. You can push segmented campaigns into your email platform, Facebook, Google Customer match and other direct marketing channels. To see what our clients have been able to create and execute, view our case studies!

Data is just data unless you do something with it and we are here to help you do that!

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