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Upcoming Webinar: Holiday Playbook

The Holiday Playbook: Sleigh Revenue This Season With These Top Campaigns

The holiday season is one of the most chaotic times for marketers as they prepare for the busiest shopping months of the year. While you are running fast, make sure you take a minute to pause and ensure you have the top campaigns ready to go this year. Join us as we walk through the top holiday campaigns you should be running this year!

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Reaching the Unengaged

There are 96 days until Christmas, 65 days until Black Friday, and 86 days until Cyber Monday. When you think about it, it’s really not that far away, so planning your marketing strategy sooner rather than later is essential. Something important to think about within your strategy is how you are talking to your unengaged customers. The holidays are a great time to engage those who may not have purchased in months or even years. First, identify who those customers are and then speak to them where they are listening. Once you begin communicating with them again, you may win them back as a lifelong customer!

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Understanding Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

As of June 1st, 2017, the transitional period for commercial electronic messages ended and the three-year mandatory review for CASL is in effect. All Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) sent to or from Canada are under CASL jurisdiction. This is notable because CASL is one of the toughest laws for email marketers of its kind and effects how email marketers will gather leads and retain them.

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Scott Buelter Recently Elected as an OIA Board Member!

Scott Buelter, President of Ascent360, is now on the board of the Outdoor Industry Association’s Government Affairs & Sustainable Business Innovation Committee. Scott joins other companies such as Patagonia, Osprey Packs, and Backcountry North. The OIA is a “membership-driven trade organization for the outdoor industry. In collaboration with our members, we are a force for the industry in recreation and trade policy, sustainable business innovation, and increasing outdoor participation.” 

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How To Acquire Prospects

In this series of Growing Revenue + Driving Engagement, we will be walking you through some powerful campaign ideas of how you can Acquire Prospects, Convert Customers, Increase your Customer Base/Spend, and Retain/Re-engage Customers. Keep visiting our blog to learn how using your existing data can convert prospects into customers that keep coming back!

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