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All-Season Resort Can Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences with Martech Firm

Golden, Colorado, July 29, 2019 — Ascent360, a pioneer in customer database platform (CDP) technology for mid-market companies, today announced that Pine Mountain Resort is among the growing list of companies looking to boost business year-round through marketing insights.

Pine Mountain Resort is a 240-acre property in Michigan’s upper peninsula, two hours from Green Bay, Wisconsin, including lodging, fine dining and wedding and meeting space. In the winter, they offer downhill skiing, with 5 lifts servicing 31 runs; when the weather warms, they welcome golfers of all abilities to Timber Stone Golf Course at Pine Mountain (rated five stars by Golf Digest). The 80-year-old resort wants to strengthen visitor relationships and convert single-season customers into all-season ones.

“We want to give each guest the optimal experience, tailored just to them,” says Jay Van Zeeland, ski and marketing manager at Pine Mountain Golf and Ski Resort.  “The Ascent360 platform brings together data from all of our systems so we can communicate with skiers, snowboarders, golfers and business travelers in a way that truly interests them. We can also make our winter visitors aware of resort activities they’d enjoy in the summer, and vice versa.”

“People usually visit a resort’s website a few times before they book a trip. Personalizing follow-up messages to repeat site visitors translates directly to new business — and the same goes for encouraging guests to return season after season,” says Carlos Perez, chief revenue officer at Ascent360.  “With the Ascent360 platform, all-season resorts can go beyond traditional segmentation to achieve true personalization.”

Van Zeeland says Pine Mountain chose the Ascent360 CDP because of the comprehensive information it provides about each customer, creating outreach messages from data such as website visits, hotel bookings, lift tickets and tee-time reservations. He adds that Ascent360 provides a dedicated in-house marketing expert who is helping them create more profitable marketing campaigns.

“This is an example of how Ascent360 combines our expertise in data integration with comprehensive marketing guidance,” says Perez. “We form true partnerships with mid-market companies to deliver immediate returns and prove our value every year.”

About Ascent360:

Ascent360 is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider for small to midsize companies. Founded in 2013, Ascent360 developed one of the first CDPs, and today serves over 150 customers across multiple retail and e-commerce segments. By partnering with business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, Ascent360 combines the deep data integration and architecture expertise of its Software-as-a-Service solution with comprehensive marketing guidance from in-house experts, building authentic prospect and customer relationships. Ascent360 guarantees immediate return on investment and year-over-year growth.


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What is a CDP, and how can it help your business?

Customer data is the foundation of business today. Most companies have a heap of this data, gathered from various sources — but no effective way to unify it and use it for revenue generation. With so many marketing tools claiming to be the solution, what does the emerging customer data platform (CDP) offer that other alternatives don’t?

User survey provides insights on CDP value

The recent report “Understanding CDP Users: CDP Institute Member Survey 2019” helps answer these questions and more. The bottom line? CDPs help marketers make a big impact in their business.

Here are the key takeaways from the survey:

  • Disconnected data is the biggest pain point. Nearly two-thirds of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers say working with disconnected data systems is their primary pain point. Without a way to unify customer data, marketers struggle to get meaningful insight and analysis, which can lead to missed opportunities, poor customer engagement and delayed decision-making.
  • CDPs bring customer data together. When it comes to your customers, knowledge is power — and for 86% of respondents, the top benefit of a CDP is its ability to create a unified customer view. Marketing to your best customers, and others like them, in ways that increase their loyalty is many times more effective than trying to acquire new customers. A CDP allows you to treat different customers in different ways, so you can maximize their long-term value.
  • Simply superior marketing technology. Companies using a CDP report higher satisfaction with their marketing technology (martech) than companies without a CDP. In fact, the report notes that using a CDP is a sign of martech maturity. A CDP ties all other martech systems together, providing a central dashboard and putting direct-to-consumer marketers in the driver’s seat. This makes marketing efforts more efficient and effective, helping to increase sales.

In short: These platforms are invaluable for B2C organizations. Ascent360 was one of the first (and only) companies to build a true CDP for mid-market companies, accelerating sales by creating a single source of truth. What’s more, we also provide guidance so B2C marketers know what to do with the information.

Working together with companies, we develop successful revenue-generating campaigns that increase customer engagement and maximize lifetime value. But don’t just take our word for it: The platform’s revenue-attribution functionality will show you where each dollar comes from. At Ascent360, we ensure our clients realize both immediate returns and sustained value year after year. 

Let us introduce you to the power of your data. Contact us at, and we’ll get your company where it belongs: at the top!


Helping Mid-Market Companies Grow: A Letter from Ascent360’s New CRO

I’m delighted to introduce myself as Ascent360’s chief revenue officer. As I work to build relationships with clients—listening and learning—I’m thinking about how these companies can forge meaningful, personalized connections with their customers. Though I’ve worked in technology for 20+ years, Ascent360’s unique perspective on this challenge is what has me so excited to be here.

Almost every business now has a mountain of data, from both online and offline sources. The problem for many companies, particularly mid-market B2C companies, is knowing how to put that data to work for them and translate it directly to a great user experience—and, consequently, to revenue growth.

The Ascent360 platform is like a magic washing machine. Yes, you read that right. That’s the metaphor I’ve been using to explain what Ascent360’s customer data platform (CDP) does for our clients: We put in piles of laundry and we wash and dry it, mend and tailor it, then organize it neatly into outfits for every occasion so our clients are always dressed for success. That is, we consolidate the jumble of disparate data from siloed data sources, enhance it, and provide guidance on how to deliver a truly personalized experience for every customer, thereby building trust, satisfaction, and loyalty. By partnering with clients to make that kind of individual connection, we help drive the consistent growth that comes only from happy customers who feel spoken to.

We practice that one-to-one communication philosophy with our own clients, too. Our CDP isn’t software you purchase and then never hear from us again. To the contrary: Every Ascent360 client gets a dedicated success manager they get to know personally, plus open access to our own marketing experts and data scientists. And later this year we’re debuting a new user interface that will make our platform even easier to use.

Growth comes in many forms. We’re all concerned with revenue growth, of course, but the genuine connection Ascent360 makes between revenue and other forms of growth—relationships, trust, and loyalty—have me fired up about where we’re headed. The next few months will be exciting times for me, Ascent360, and our clients and their customers.

Carlos E. Perez, Chief Revenue Officer, Ascent360