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Angel Fire Resort Seeks To Boost Visitation With Ascent360

August 11, 2020

Resort Plans to Increase Visitation Through Targeted Marketing

GOLDEN, COLO., AUGUST 11, 2020 — Leading customer database platform (CDP) provider Ascent360 announced a new customer today: Angel Fire Resort in northern New Mexico. The Resort plans to use the platform’s targeted marketing capabilities to reach new and existing customers to drive year-round visitation.

Starting as a small ski facility in 1966, Angel Fire has grown into an 18,450-acre, four-seasons resort for families, individuals and groups, located just 25 minutes from Taos in the Rocky Mountains. Beyond skiing, outdoor recreation includes snowmobiling, golf, watersports, tennis, hunting, horseback riding and mountain biking. This unique destination is both a resort and residential neighborhood, offering memberships with full access to Resort amenities and activities for owners who purchase condos, homes or land within the property. 

Angel Fire Resort also attracts vacationers with 139 hotel rooms and suites; ski and snowboard schools; and a conference center. “Our Resort has engaged Ascent360 to help us identify and target high-value customers that utilize these products through personalized marketing”, says Greg Ralph, Sales & Marketing Director for Angel Fire Resort.

Angel Fire Resort plans to target current and potential customers using Ascent360’s proven, automated marketing campaigns. The CDP will aggregate data from the Resort’s sales systems then use this information to build rich customer profiles that enable segmentation based on characteristics such as customer interests, past purchases and prior stays. The Resort plans to use the CDP to send personalized marketing messages to these valuable customers and drive future business. 

The platform can also target vacationers and short-term guests to send personalized offers for lodging and activities, using the same robust profile data to segment these guests based on preferences or demographic data, such as past activities, prior stays, geographic location and family size.

“Recognizing customers as individuals and providing thoughtful service is key in today’s changing market,” says Scott Buelter, CEO at Ascent360. “This data driven marketing approach will make it easy for Angel Fire Resort to segment high-value customers, engage them through targeted offers and start seeing results faster.”

About Ascent360:

Ascent360 is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider for mid-market businesses. Founded in 2013, Ascent360 developed one of the first CDPs, and today manages over 150 databases for clients across brand, retail, e-commerce and resort segments. With the mission of simplifying and humanizing data, the Ascent360 Software-as-a-Service platform helps marketers understand their customers and personalize their approach to meet individual needs. Ascent360 offers ongoing data analysis and strategic marketing guidance to guarantee an immediate, long-term return on investment.


For more information, visit https://www.ascent360.com/ or contact Heather Knutson: 720.728.3362 or hknutson@ascent360.com.

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