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Nayab Khan to Drive Customer Data Platform Innovation as Ascent360 CTO

June 19, 2019

Leadership Continues to Advance Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Technology

Nayab khan to drive customer data platform innovation as ascent360 CTOGOLDEN, COLORADO, June 19, 2019 — Ascent360, a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider for mid-market companies, announced that Nayab Khan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), will lead the growth, expansion and continued innovation of its intelligent CDP solution.

“Customer Data Platforms are becoming an integral part of the marketing and technology stack,” says Khan. “The team and I continue to stay on the forefront by incorporating the latest database and cloud technologies, and by updating the platform’s user interface.”

According to Khan, the Ascent360 CDP helps business-to-consumer (B2C) companies grow and thrive through its intuitive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which combines and enriches siloed customer data into a single source of truth. The system derives business insights from data unified within the CDP; the platform intelligence is then used by the Ascent360 Success Team, in partnership with each client’s marketing team, to craft personalized, revenue-generating campaigns. Finally, the CDP makes the data accessible to other software systems to activate campaigns and assess results, so businesses realize high growth.

“Nayab and I both started as database architects,” says Scott Buelter, chief executive officer at Ascent360. “We share the same passion for innovation that empowers organizations to take meaningful action from data.”

Khan has over 20 years of data and database experience in a range of industries such as consumer packaged goods, database marketing and telecommunications. In previous roles, Khan developed data warehouses; built data analysis and reporting systems; and led large research and development as well as information technology (IT) teams.

Khan notes that Ascent360 was one of the first companies to develop a true CDP, and he will continue its legacy of leadership by further enhancing the product’s performance and launching a new user interface this summer. Ascent360 will focus on synthesizing massive amounts of data while also making sense of it, Khan adds — making marketers more effective and efficient by distilling data into actionable insights.

About Ascent360:

Ascent360 is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider for midsize companies. Founded in 2013, Ascent360 developed one of the first CDPs, and today serves over 150 customers across multiple retail and e-commerce segments. By partnering with business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, Ascent360 combines the deep data integration and architecture expertise of its Software-as-a-Service solution with comprehensive marketing guidance from in-house experts, building authentic prospect and customer relationships. Ascent360 guarantees immediate return on investment and year-over-year growth.

For more information, visit http://www.ascent360.com/.

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