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Ascent360 Responsibilities

Client Responsibilities

A360 Play Selection:
An Ascent360 Strategist will set up a meeting within 2 business days of contract signature to discuss possible “A360 Plays” and which options may be the best place to start.
Client will review, discuss, and choose A360 Plays from the Ascent360 Library.
A360 Play Prep Sheet:
Ascent360 will complete a “A360 Play Prep Sheet” that outlines the setup details of each Play and email.
Client will approve the “A360 Play Prep Sheet.”
Creative Brief:
Ascent360 will complete the “Ascent360 Creative Brief” for each email, aka touchpoint.
Client will review, edit, and approve the Creative Brief.
Email Templates:
Ascent360 will build 3 email templates for Client and implement those templates in the email platform. Ascent360 will use the creative, fonts and colors from client’s website or provided brand standards guide.
Client will choose 3 templates from the Ascent360 template library and approve templates after they have been customized to the client’s brand. Ascent360 will allow a maximum of 2 rounds of changes for the templates.
Copy and Images:
Ascent360 will suggest copy or use the client’s copy to build the emails. Ascent360 will also suggest images or use the client’s images in the emails. Ascent360 will place the copy and images into each template to finalize the build of each email.
Client will provide copy and images in a timely manner except when they choose to have Ascent360 suggest them. Client will be responsible for editing and changing copy, images, and content for finalization. Approval will be done within 10 business days of creative brief approval.
A360 Play Automations:
Ascent360 will automate all A360 Plays and email touchpoints within both Ascent360 and the ESP.
Activate Emails:
Upon approval from Client, Ascent360 will begin sending the emails to client’s customers.
Client will approve email activation/sends.
Revenue Attribution:
Ascent360 will setup and implement revenue attribution on all A360 Plays.
Client will verify revenue attribution is consistent with their source systems and validate accuracy.