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8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About AscentCRM A few interesting things you may not know about us

8 Things you probably didn't know about AscentCRM

Today’s consumer is now firmly in control of their own destiny, having complete control over which companies earn the right to communicate with them through digital channels.  Abuse that trust and that right is removed with the click of an unsubscribe link.  The business world is swimming in an ever raising tide of customer data and that tide raises all ships.  AscentCRM works with companies large and small to help turn that data into insight.  Insight that ensures they are sending the right message, to the right person at the right time, thus maintaining that level of trust and turning relationships, with the right customers, into profit.

So, who is this company called AscentCRM you ask?  Here are some interesting things you may not know about us.

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5.5 Uses For A Customer Database

At Ascent360 many of our clients include well known outdoor brands who are at various stages of their journey towards the implementation or use of a Customer Database. We’ve learned a lot from them over the years and thought this was worth sharing.

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10.5 Ways To Be A Great Retailer

Article Update: Since I wrote this article Amazon have announced that they will begin 1 hour delivery in Manhattan. No reason why retailers can’t do this too, see point #5 below. Here’s a link to the Amazon Forbes Article.

When we (Ascent360) talk to our retailer clients and prospects, we often discuss the following as they relate to this ever changing, omni channel world.

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The best approach to implementing Customer Database? Crawl, Walk, Run…

Part 1 of a 3 part series – The Crawl Phase

We all want to be doing more and better in our roles.  For today’s marketer, that means embracing the opportunity to use technology + data to build strong customer relationships that are direct and relevant so we can drive greater business results. The goal; be more strategic and less reactionary. Every marketer in the outdoor industry we speak with is eager to improve upon what they are doing today, take greater advantage of digital opportunities, data, targeting and more.

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