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Email Automation Series – Win Back Emails Pushing The Next Purchase

Pushing the Next Purchase: Win Back Emails

Why You Should Have One

Are you looking for ways to get back your customers who you have not seen in a while? Whether they are missing from visiting your brick & mortar store or you just haven’t seen them on your ecom site in forever – a Win Back Campaign that focuses on the “We Miss You!” message is a great way to wake these customers up and encourage them to re-engage with you. Winning back the attention of a previous customer is far more budget friendly than acquiring someone new. So where do you start? First identify the list. Second, focus on creative. We have found that the look and feel of the email (or email stream) is just as important as the subject line you use to entice your customers to come back. Having done a few of these types of campaigns recently for some of our clients, we have developed a good “stash” of sample emails to spark the creative juices for your email design. Third, create an inciting subject line that will get them to engage. A few suggestions of some tried and true subject lines are below.

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Do You Value Loyalty? Why you should be spending money rewarding exisiting customers as well as aquiring new ones.

Do You Value Loyalty? Why you should be spending money rewarding existing customers instead of aquiring new ones.

Are you contemplating adding a Loyalty Program to your toolbox of marketing strategies? Increase your customer retention – keep them happy, loved and wanted – by incentivizing your customers and giving them a reason to keep coming back to visit your store or website often. Who doesn’t love an incentive to return? Whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer or a ski resort there is no reason to not reward your best customers for their loyalty.

Building a long term relationship with your customers is key. Did you know that it’s 3 to 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to upsell or keep an existing customer?

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