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This overview is intended to outline all service and support best practices between Ascent360 and our clients.


Ascent360 assigns a Client Success Manager (CSM) to each new client that has purchased 8+ hours of monthly CSM support. The CSM is assigned at or near the signing of the contract. While Ascent360 strives to build continuity and strong relationships, we cannot guarantee that this CSM remains the same for a specific period. Any changes to client’s assigned CSM will be communicated in a timely manner to client along with a transition plan. The CSM will be the client’s main Point of Contact for regular account reviews and strategic planning.

Operational requests and CDP support can be submitted via Ascent360’s Help Desk which is accessible via the client support portal. Additional details on how to submit requests are outlined below.

Client must have a primary point of contact for the CSM to work with. Ideally this person is the same throughout both implementation and the post-launch support period. This person will communicate important updates to stakeholders on the client side and will be responsible for prioritizing multiple incoming requests to Ascent360.


Ascent360 will work with client to ensure that client’s staff are fully trained in basic CDP usage and best practices encompassing the tools and capabilities provided by Ascent360.

Customer Data Platform Training

Initial training on the Customer Data Platform will be provided during setup.  Supplemental training will be made available via online tools, if available, or via the Client Success Manager.  Supplemental training, including that provided for client’s new employees, will count against the client’s contracted support hours.

Email Service Provider Training

Clients who purchase their Email Service Provider through Ascent360 will receive initial training and best practices documentation during project setup. Supplemental training is available upon request. Please route all training requests through the assigned Client Success Manager. Supplemental training, including that provided for client’s new employees, will count against the client’s contracted support hours.

Clients who have not purchased their Email Service Provider through Ascent360 will receive best practices documentation but are not provided specific ESP training during setup.

Ascent360 Support

Support Inclusions

Each client contract includes an agreed upon number of support hours that will be utilized to support the client for a number of needs, including but not limited to:

  • Status updates, i.e. regular communication at an agreed upon cadence
    • Weekly, bi-weekly phone calls
    • Email exchanges
    • Ad hoc support requests
  • Account reviews and incremental meetings
  • Strategic planning and recommendations
  • Help Desk Support requests
    • Requirements gathering
    • Ticket creation
    • Ticket tracking, updating and prioritization
  • Reporting
  • Managing client requested enhancements and customizations
  • Client training as needed
  • Time spent troubleshooting a client inquiry that is ultimately not a bug/defect

Time spent by Ascent360 resources on these activities will be tracked by the client’s Client Success Manager and should not exceed the contracted monthly amount.

Support Exclusions

The following are excluded from being counted toward client’s monthly contracted support hours:

  • Product troubleshooting, either reported by, or for the benefit of the client
  • Additional Ascent360 meeting attendees, i.e. meeting attendees who are not required, but attending as part of training or onboarding to the account.

Items Covered by Client’s Monthly Fees

There are specific costs incurred to run Ascent360. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Servers for data storage
  • Server security and upgrades
  • Server monitoring and performance troubleshooting
  • Product development and enhancements
  • Operational costs, i.e. office, equipment, utilities
  • Labor, i.e. employees, recruiting, training

These costs of doing business are built into the monthly fees within each client support contract.

Business Hours Support

Ascent360’s business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am Mountain Time through 5pm Mountain Time.

After Hours Support

After Hours support is any time outside of our normal business hours, typically defined as evenings, weekends and holidays. All holidays outlined in Appendix A are considered after hours.

After hours support requests will be reviewed as soon as possible on the following business day. Ascent360 performs 24/7 monitoring of our production servers and will automatically address any production level outages should they occur.

Holiday Coverage: Ascent360 will provided emergency contacts and contact information during business hours for national holidays that fall on weekdays.

Priority Matrix & Response Time Guidelines

Client requests are addressed on a first in first out basis within their prioritization by default. Prioritization of client tickets is established by Ascent360.

The matrix below outlines typical response times by Ascent360’s client success teams. Response times will fall within the below parameters in most instances. However, response times may vary based on client demand and CSM resource availability.

Support Response Time Matrix



Response Time

  1. Critical
  • Global production outage impacting all/many client marketing campaigns (business outage).
  • Service is unavailable; no workaround is available
  • Immediate response/restoration is requested
  • Example: server is down

Proactively monitored: updates within 2 business hours

  1. High
  • Client level production outage or latency impacting individual client marketing campaign (business disruption).
  • Potential product issues or technical defect
  • Quick response is requested but minor delays expected
  • Examples: Acoustic is not accessible for a duration exceeding 8 hours, system integration not receiving data

4 business hours

  1. Medium
  • Non-production issues, time sensitive requests.
  • Note: Must be submitted as a ticket.
  • Example: Time-sensitive update to query for upcoming email send

8 business hours

  1. Low
  • All other requests.
  • Non-production issues that are not time-sensitive
  • Note: Must be submitted as a ticket.
  • Examples: reporting requests, campaign creation requests, training or “how-to” requests

8 business hours

Support Process

There are several ways to request support from Ascent360, and as we scale there may be changes to these processes. Changes to support processes will be communicated through either the assigned CSM or the management team.

There are currently two ways to request Ascent360 support:

  1. To request support directly from our ticketing system:
    1. Navigate to the ticket system (also called the support portal) support.ascent360.com
    2. Log into your account
    3. At the top right, click “Submit a Request”
    4. Fill in the necessary details, including names/locations of contact lists, queries, campaigns, audiences, or emails. Provide as much specific information as possible so we can accurately prioritize and start work.
  1. To request support via email:
    1. Please email support@ascent360.com from a registered email. A registered email is one which has been provided an Ascent360 CDP login. (If CDP credentials are needed, please email your CSM directly and they will assist with registration).
    2. Include a descriptive email title
    3. Provide as many helpful details within the body of the email
    4. Include screenshots when possible
    5. Any persons copied on the email will be included as “followers” of the ticket. They will also receive status updates on the request.
    6. Requests sent directly to support@ascent360.com by email will automatically generate a new ticket in the Ascent360 Help Desk

Required Information to Create a Support Request

When submitting a support request, please include as much information as possible. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Exact name and location of files, audiences, campaigns, contact lists or queries
  • Specific issues encountered and what troubleshooting steps have already been taken
  • How long the issue has been going on, and for whom
  • Any time restrictions or impacts that Ascent360 should be aware of

Ascent360 cannot guarantee a response time for support requests, but all efforts will be made to prioritize incoming requests according to available personnel, existing requests, and the priority/urgency of these requests.

If a support request is not being addressed in a timeframe satisfactory to the client, please utilize the communication matrix listed below. Conversely, if a request cannot be worked on due to insufficient detail, Ascent360 will communicate back to Client what exactly is needed.

Clients can check the status of their support requests by visiting their Support Dashboard located at support.ascent360.com. Within each client organization, member users can all view their organization’s tickets. It is the client’s responsibility to let Ascent360 know if changes to these permissions are necessary.

Requests for Reports, New Functionality, Enhancements

Clients should direct all requests for new features and enhancements directly to their Client Success Manager during their regular account review. The Client Success Manager will work with client to ensure requirements and business goals are captured accurately, including the prioritization of this request in relation to the client’s other active requests.

  • Client must approve the request for Ascent360 to spend time investigating the request to put together a Statement of Work.
  • The Client Success Manager will work with other internal resources to estimate level of effort, predecessors, cost and overall timeline. The CSM will then create a Statement of Work that captures the requirements and cost to client.
  • Once client approves and signs the Statement of Work, Ascent360 will schedule and prioritize the work.
  • All time related to new features, functionality, and enhancement requests will first be charged against client’s contracted monthly support hours before any above and beyond time and costs will be incurred.
  • Open requests sent from client and active projects will be jointly reviewed between the client and their Client Success Manager on a basis not less frequently than monthly.
  • Some incoming requests may not be in line with Ascent360’s product roadmap and in such cases the requests may be denied.
  • Incremental and/or custom work will require requirements gathering and approval from the client. Level of effort will be estimated, and any additional time needed above the contract number of support hours will be invoiced at $125 per hour.

Communication Matrix

If at any point the client or Ascent360 needs to escalate an issue, an escalation matrix will be followed. The names, titles and contact information for each tier within this matrix are to be provided by each side upon the start of the implementation and post-launch support phase. Changes to personnel must be communicated in a timely manner.




Tier 1

Client Success Manager




Main Point of Contact, typically Manager-level




Tier 2

Director Client Success




2nd Point of Contact, typically Director-level




Tier 3

VP Client Success




3rd Point of Contact, typically VP or GM





This document is intended to outline Ascent360 standard support services and expectations. It does not supersede or conflict with any previously executed contracts or legal documents.

Appendix A – Ascent360 Holidays Observed

The following holidays are observed by Ascent360 and, as such, offices are closed. Any support needed during this time will be considered After Hours support.


2020 Dates

New Year’s Day

Jan 1

Presidents’ Day

Feb 17

Memorial Day

May 25

Independence Day

Jul 3

Labor Day

Sep 7


Nov 26

Day after Thanksgiving

Nov 27

Christmas Eve

Dec 24


Dec 25

New Year’s Eve

Dec 31 (1/2 Day)