One Size Doesn’t Fit All–
How Stevens Pass used segmentation and email creative to speak directly to each audience.

Located on the crest of the Cascade Range in Washington, Stevens Pass receives abundant snowfall making it one of the top locations for Washington residents. Stevens Pass caters heavily to day travelers from the surrounding areas. With a variety of terrain, Stevens Pass is an ideal location for all ski levels. Night skiing allows the resort to be open longer hours enabling skiers to take full advantage of the beautiful resort.

The Challenge.

Plagued with an unfortunate 2014/2015 ski season due to the lowest recorded season snowfall in the resort’s 78 year history, Stevens Pass was challenged to continue to push and increase Season Pass sales for the upcoming season despite the lack of excitement given the previous year’s struggles. Knowing that this wasn’t going to be easy, they looked for a strategy that would help them identify a larger target audience to layout the benefits of both the mountain and the pass in a way that would resonate on a more personal level with each audience.

The Ascent360 Solution.

Ascent360 created a series of emails that would be sent to the entire Stevens Pass database broken up into 9 different segments. The segments were created looking at both age and purchase history. The segments were broken out into age by Youth, Family and Mature. From there, the segments of Pass Holder, Day Tripper, and Prospect were identified from each age bracket. To create a more personalized message, copy and creative was generated to target each of the 9 specific segments. Pass Holders were reminded of their benefits, Day Trippers were shown the value of upgrading to a Season Pass, and Prospects were shown the benefits of not only the Season Pass, but of the mountain itself.

The email campaign contained 9 emails to send to each of the identified segments. Each email had a unique message and incentive. The email campaigns were sent out multiple times before the Season Pass deadline hit. Ascent360 combined data from Exact Target and Stevens Pass to analyze campaign performance, gain valuable knowledge of their customer database and increase overall revenue for the resort.