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Segment Easier. Engage Smarter. Succeed Faster.

Revenue in a flash with proven, automated bike retailer campaigns.

Personalized marketing drives bike sales. Sell more bikes with targeted offers. Retailers like Mike’s Bikes drive revenue through repeat sales with Flash360

Are you sending targeted specials to bike purchasers that bring them back for gear and maintenance? How about personalized offers for customers ready to upgrade? 

If you’re like most bike marketers, you’re sending the same bulk emails to everyone in your database, whether they bought a carbon-fiber race bike or a tricycle. You need the ability to identify high-value customers and repeat purchasers, then tailor marketing to those customers’ interests — but you simply don’t have the resources.

Until now: Flash360 is our easy-to-implement solution for crafting personalized, automated messages, delivered at just the right time. In as little as 30 days and 5 hours, you can empower your team to successfully segment, engage with and expand return traffic from high-value customers. 

Retailers like you see a 5-10x return on their investment when partnering with Ascent360, but don’t take our word for it. See how we helped Mike’s Bikes, the leading bike retailer in North America, jump-start their marketing with customized engagements that increases repeat purchases — doubling their conversion rate and driving over $100K in revenue.

Ascent360 helps bike and outdoor retailers like you identify high-value customers, personalize offers and increase sales:

Mike's BikesSmartwool

"Ascent360 is an important partner for Mike's Bikes. Their staff, software and strategic thinking help us better know and communicate with our customers."

Eric Lucan
CEO, Mike's Bikes