Good marketing decisions require insight from your data. The Ascent360 platform provides the tools and analytics to understand your customer’s behaviors and execute personalized omni-channel marketing strategies.

Marketing Segmentation

Marketing Segmentation.

Ascent360 software enables you to segment your customers on a variety of attributes

Maximize the value of each customer to your business by creating diverse custom segments from your integrated data sources and addressing them with personalized communications.

Our drag and drop segmentation tool allows you to quickly and easily create audiences based on a variety of attributes, including but not limited to:

  • Demographics: e.g. Customers who are female
  • Behavior: e.g. Customers who purchased in the last 30 days
  • Geographic: e.g. Customers who live within 90 miles of Los Angeles
  • Aggregated: e.g. Customers with a lifetime spend over $1000.00
  • Transactional: e.g. Prospects who opened an email in the past 60 days
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation.

Schedule your campaigns with AS360

Bring your customer segments to life while alleviating manual marketing efforts to more effectively reach your audiences on an ongoing basis. Create brand loyalty with existing customers by sending them a thank you email after a purchase, reaching out with a birthday message or rewarding them with a special offer. Move prospects through the marketing funnel by educating, nurturing and incentivizing them to become purchase-ready.

Execute, manage and measure your automated campaigns from a single access point with AS360, which allows for scheduling of recurring campaigns, sending customer segments to a wide variety of email, social media and mobile marketing platforms.

Revenue Attribution

Revenue Attribution.

Know which campaigns are making you money and which campaigns you should ditch with Ascent360's revenue attribution tool

Do you know how much revenue is driven from your company’s existing marketing campaigns? Our software can attribute revenue to email, direct mail and digital marketing campaigns through transactional matchback algorithms. This means that our system reviews the marketing campaigns you are sending and compares them all your revenue…in store, through e-commerce or via other sources of revenue, therefore measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics.

Analyze your customers with our database overview reporting.

How can you market to your customer if you don’t know your customer?  Our software creates a robust profile of each of your customers as well as for the overall customer base.  Over 50 customer-specific variables are created for each customer such as “Lifetime Customer Spend,” “Days Since Last Purchase” and “Preferred Store”.  These customer variables enable quick and easy marketing segmentation.  If you are only interested in marketing to your “Prospects”, a list can be created in seconds.  In addition, our software will run segmentation models on your data, such as Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) scores.  This will enable you to send campaigns specifically to high quality customers vs low quality customers.

Customer Reporting

Customer Reporting.

Build custom reports to get the most out of your data

Improve marketing performance by using data to make decisions.  Our customer data platform includes a business intelligence tool to enable the creation of custom report and metrics. A drag and drop interface allows for the creation of charts, graphs, maps and interactive dashboards.  Use all data in our customer data platform to understand what is working and what is not.  In addition, you can automate email reports to anyone in your organization.  From data to dashboards our customer reporting software delivers a brilliant analytical experience. Our interface is more than beautiful – it provides all the data discovery features that you will ever need. All this whilst providing a fine balance between the ease of use business users require and the governance needs of enterprise IT.