Beyond Big Data Hype: 5 Key Customer Metrics to Measure – Webinar

Do you believe/trust the data you have? Do you act on the insights discovered within the data? What is done when an insight doesn’t jive with your brand narrative? Part 1 of this webinar will focus on empowering your organization to build an enriching experience for each customer by employing 5 metrics to simplify your data’s complexity and to better understand the significance of what your customer is really ‘telling’ you.

What You Will Find In This Webinar:

  • We will walk through how to use your customer data, the insight it can give you, and the strategy you need to use it.

  • Learn 5 key customer metrics you should measure along with the exact equations you need to measure them.

  • We also look at a flawed data approach and how to avoid doing the same thing in your analysis.