Facebook Integration

How to Utilize Facebook to Talk to Your Customers & Gain New Ones

Ascent360 is excited to announce our newest release and customer portal enhancement: Facebook Audiences Integration. In addition to building segments to build email and direct mail lists, or simply export them, our clients now have the option to push those same segmented lists directly into their Facebook for Business accounts! Talk to existing customers through the creation of a custom audience or use that same segment to build a “look-a-like” model and reach prospective customers. With over 900 million visits every day to Facebook, you can now talk to your customers and prospects where they are spending the most time.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads give you the ability to choose who you talk to and customize what they see making these ads more relevant and increasing your revenue. From these ads you are able to push a specific product, drive business straight to your website, give directions to your store, or add an item directly to their cart. These ads are placed directly in the stream people are already seeing making it more likely for them to see them and take action. Use the below two methods to connect to customers you already have and talk to the customers you want.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences help you find your existing customers and allow advertisers to target their ads to a specific set of people with whom they have already established a relationship on/off Facebook. You can create a Custom Audience using a customer contact list, your website traffic or activity in your app. Audiences can be defined by either email address, Facebook UIDs, phone numbers, names, date of birth, gender, locations, app user IDs, Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA), Android’s advertising ID or by a combination of rules used to identify users who took specific actions on your website.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences let you find more people who are similar to your best customers. It’s a great way to use the insights you’ve gained from your Facebook marketing to find more people who’ll love your products and services. It’s easy to find more people on Facebook who are like the people you know. Through our Audience Selector tool, you can easily build a segment of your best customers. Find the ones that have recently purchased, purchased often and have spent a good amount of money from you. Use that list to then push to Facebook and talk to more people that look just like the customers you already have.

Where should I start?

A great example campaign would be for the season pass push for ski resorts. A typical campaign might include a few email sends and a direct mailing; however, people that have unsubscribed or have become unresponsive to Perhaps these marketing channels are not where your customers are most captive and likely to respond. Instead, try taking these unengaged segments and market directly to them via Facebook. In addition to that, maybe you are looking to grow your customer base and reach new people. Build a list of previous pass holders and send that to Facebook to make a “look-a-like” model based off of customers you already have. And don’t stop there! You can also build an exclusion list of a season pass purchases that is automatically sent to Facebook on a nightly basis to ensure you aren’t marketing to those who have already purchased.

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