Creating a successful brand within the outdoor industry is both an exciting and challenging place to be. The potential to talk to and excite your customer is very high, but the reality may often be that you don’t actually know who your customers are. Whether you sell primarily through retailers or direct to the consumer, having the knowledge around who your customer is and what they are buying has never been more important.

In the social media driven world that we live in, we’ve seen a shift in the marketplace from a product-centric to more customer-centric approach. It’s never too soon to start building a relationship with your customer, and there is never an excuse to not speak directly with your customers or leave questions or concerns unanswered.

Customers want to feel a part of your brand, a part of your family. If you are not taking the time to start building that relationship with the customer, you are not only missing out on gaining potential brand advocates but you may lose them as a customer all-together. Let Ascent360 help you to start that conversation and keep it going! Know your customers – use an Outdoor Industry CRM tool that is customized for your needs. Build customer loyalty and grow revenue from those who are active.

How Do We Do This?

Build the Core

The first and most important step is to combine all sources of data into a single location. Ascent360 will work with you to integrate all sources of data, including eCommerce, point of sale, product registration, or event and email signups, and feed them into one, matched and cleansed, cloud-based customer database. Upon loading, the system will remove duplicate records, assign gender and update any records according to the National Change of Address (NCOA) and other US and Canadian public records processing.

Know Your Customer

In order to grow a relationship with your customer, you need to know who they are. Once all of your data is loaded, Ascent360 is able to provide you with a full 360° view of your customer. Generate relevant reports with consumer insight including customer lifetime value, recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) customer value score, average order value and more. Want to know more? Not a problem. Ascent can deliver customized aggregates with information relevant to your specific business needs. Learn whether your customers are interested in skiing or how many kids under the age of 2 reside in the household. Through data appends, we can find and attribute custom values to your database, allowing you to create segmented lists for your marketing campaigns.

Communicate and Grow Revenue

Developing a great relationship with a customer is rooted how you communicate with them. If a customer has expressed interest in your brand or recently purchased from your online store, it is a fatal mistake if you let them go without so much as a thank you. Additionally, reaching prospects through newsletter sign ups or social contests allows many brands to build a relationship even without a transaction. Ascent360 works directly with clients to devise automated messages that reach customers the moment they are interested in your company, with campaigns such as a welcome email delivered after email list signup. Creating segmented audiences Providing relevant and timely content will not only grow your relationship with existing customers but also increase the chances of converting a prospect to a customer.

Grow the Database

Growing your customer database is something all companies are looking to do, but it can be a very expensive effort if targeting the wrong people. Ascent360 will work to create a customer profile using aspects of your best customers to build a model that can be used for acquisition efforts. This allows your message to be placed in front of the right audience who you know have similar interests and demographics as your best customers. It is also important to look at your current efforts to see if anything can be adjusted. An example would be if you do not have an email sign up, or possibly it is hidden on the site. Placing the sign up in a more prominent location or implementing a pop-up box to display once they reach the site will increase the chances of visitor data, instead of letting them go.

Build Loyalty

Building loyalty is an important step in creating a repeat purchaser. Customers appreciate when a company makes the effort to reach out to them on a deeper level, thank them for a purchase, and give them a reason to come back. A loyalty program can be as simple as a birthday message or a monthly incentive for being a part of their email program or more complicated incorporating a monthly statement of points balance or unique reward certificates. In either case, building loyalty with a customer demonstrates that you are more than just a brand and that they are more than just a customer, rather you are part of a family.