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Data Integration

Standard Integrations

Standard Integrations are ones that allow Ascent360 to pull data quickly and easily without significant edits or customization. This includes a variety of systems including eCommerce, Booking, Property Management, Ticketing and Point of Sale. Please contact us for a full list: info@ascent360.com
Up to 4 combined
5+ combined

Customized Integrations

Systems that are highly customizable and require some additional data analysis and transformations are considered “Customized Integrations.” Includes any systems not on our Standard Integrations list.
Up to 3
Per Requirements

Marketing Integrations

Marketing integrations include outbound integrations such as Facebook, Google, Email Service Providers, Text Messaging Providers etc... Unless customization's are needed or a new integration is necessary these are included with all versions.

Secure File Management

The Ascent360 platform includes a user interface for uploading and downloading files or other documents securely. This may include sensitive PII but can also be reports, images or other data assets.

Transactional Data History

The number of years of data that are available in the CDP.
3 Years
3 Years
5 Years

Web Analytic Data History

The number of days of history provided for Web Analytics.
30 days
30 days
90 days

Email Marketing Data History

The number of days of history for email marketing data.
90 days
90 days
180 Days

Email Append

Process of using existing customer information to match and add email address to a record.

Data Append

The process of adding demographic information, email addresses, physical addresses etc to the database to enhance data.

Real Time Data Integration

Build audiences with real time data from transactional systems such as eCommerce, Point of Sale and Events.

Marketing Database

Data Hygiene

De-duping, cleansing and correcting data.

National Change of Address, DPV and CASS Certification

Confirming and updating data per National databases, standards and certifications.

Golden Record / Individual De-duping

The processes of merging contacts and assigning transactions to a customer across multiple sources resulting in a single unique identifier for a customer.

Derived Variables / Aggregated Fields

Standard fields built in the CDP that can be used for segmentation and are created by combining multiple pieces of data.

Custom Derived Variables and Aggregated Fields

Customized fields created by combining multiple pieces of data.
3 - Additional via $$$
5 - Additional via $$$

Customer Lookup

Tool allowing user to lookup transactional and other information regarding specific customers.

Revenue Attribution

Ascent360's model that attributes revenue by marketing campaign sent.

Customizable Revenue Attribution Rules

Ability to revise and customize the standard Revenue Attribution rules for client specific needs.

Audience Management

Audience Selector

A simple drag and drop canvas that allows for creation of marketing segments or lists.

Campaign Manager

The tool within Ascent360 that allows for customizing the output of a campaign and scheduling a campaign.

Audience Scheduling and Calendar (Marketing Automation)

Scheduling and setting up automations for Marketing Campaigns

Daily Scheduled Audiences

Number of Audiences that can be scheduled to update on a daily basis.

Individual, Household and Residence Levels

Customizable Output Fields

Ability to output fields outside of the Standard Output fields.

Marketing Plays

Standard Marketing Plays (aka Campaigns) that are proven to generate revenue.

Marketing Plays Library

A library of proven Marketing Plays that generate revenue.

Email Marketing

Saved Templates

Email templates that can be edited, cloned and re-used for efficiency and productiveness.

Email Design Management

Ability to create and edit emails including Content and Images.

Email Tracking

Ability to see email tracking data from all emails sent through the platform.

Website Tracking

Ability to see website tracking data from all emails sent through the platform.

Email Automation and Scheduling

Ability to schedule and set up automations for email sends.

All Marketing Database Fields

Image Library

Access to library of your images for use in emails.

Dedicated IP Address


Custom Fonts

Ability to allow for custom fonts in emails.

Dynamic Content

Saved Content Blocks

Ability to save and re-use/edit content blocks for efficiency and productivity.


Database Overview

Summary of the data in your database including Number of People, Average Order Value, Total Contacts by Marketing Channel, Database Growth over time and much more.

Data Quality Dashboard

An analysis of the quality of your data by type including Name Quality, Address Quality, Email Quality, etc. Also includes Top 50 Customers and more.

Top/Bottom Customers Dashboard

Data on both your Top and Bottom Customers including Gender, Lifetime Spend, Age Range, State, % Subscribed and Has Email and more.

Recency, Frequency, Monetary Dashboard

Analysis of your Customers by RFM.

Demographics Dashboard

Analysis of the Demographics of your Customers such as Gender, Age Ranges, Income Range, Presence of Children, etc...

Geographic Dashboard

Heat Map of where your Customers are located and Top Metro and Top States data.

Contactability Dashboard

Total Customers & Prospects that are contactable by Marketing Channel, SPAM law counts, Open Rates and Click Rates over time and more.

Data Quality Dashboard

Revenue by Channel Report

Revenue by Channel for chosen time period (Email, Facebook, Google, etc...).

Revenue by Geography Report

Heat Map of where your Revenue is coming from.

Revenue Detail

Very detailed report of every email sent including the Name, Subject line and attributed revenue.

Marketing Plays Dashboard

Every Marketing play including each touchpoint (email, ad, etc..) included in the Play and the associated Revenue.

Data Dictionary

Every field in the database and the associated data, population rate, distinct counts and more.

Custom Reports

Custom analytics/reports built by the Ascent360 team.

Custom Business Intelligence

A feature of Ascent360 that allows clients to build their own reports and analytics.

Business Intelligence in the Cloud