As a company in the resort, travel or entertainment industries you possess an advantage that many companies would envy: knowing valuable information about your customer off the bat. When making a reservation or buying tickets to a show, a customer is often required to provide more information than most companies can pay for. You might have the golden ticket, but are you taking full advantage of what is at your fingertips?

Knowing precisely when someone is visiting your resort or taking a vacation gives you numerous opportunities to speak to them. Take the opportunity to excite them about their upcoming trip and provide them with information on activities they can take advantage of during their stay. Consumers will thank you for taking the time to speak directly to them, to inform them and ask about their experience. Know your customers – use a resort, travel & entertainment marketing software that is customized for your needs. Build customer loyalty and grow revenue from those who are active.

Use the knowledge you have about your customers to grow and find similar acquisition targets customers while expanding on the relationships you already have. The competition in this space is fierce, make sure you are doing everything you can to create an experience with your customer, an experience that will make them want to come back. Ascent360 can help you to find new customers while making lifelong visitors of the ones you already have.

Find Out How!

Build the Core

Consolidating all of your information into a single location is the most important step. Ascent360 works with you to combine all sources of data including point of sale, eCommerce, email sign up, and event sign up into one cloud-based customer database. Upon loading, the system will remove duplicate records, assign gender and update any records according to the National Change of Address (NCOA) and other US and Canadian public records processing.

Know Your Customer

Once your data is loaded, Ascent360 provides valuable customer insights such as customer lifetime value, average order value, top products purchased, and recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) customer value score. With this information, you will be able to easily create customer segments, targeting each with messaging specifically relevant to each group. Need to know more information on your customers than what you currently collect? Ascent360 will work with you to define the additional information needed and append to your database.

Communicate and Grow Revenue

Sending segmented messages based on customer behavior will help you to increase engagement and grow revenue. Knowing reservation dates and details of the customer’s trip gives you the opportunity to hit them with relevant information at exactly the right time. We work with our clients to create automated messages such as pre-arrival emails, during-stay announcements and post-stay surveys.

Reaching out to the customer before their trip allows you the opportunity to start building a relationship: Inform your customer of what they should bring, weather forecasts during their stay, and activities happening during their trip. This also allows you to cross promote other services that you offer. They bought airfare, send them deals on hotels. Maybe they booked a hotel at a ski resort, send them an offer for discounted rentals. Finally, communicating with your customer after their experience is highly valuable to you. Find out what you did right and where you need to improve. Opening up a line of communication before, during and after their stay allows you to build a relationship with that customer and continue it even after they leave.

Grow the Database

Knowing who your customer is allows you to build a profile of your best customer and use that to grow your customer database in a way that is the most cost and energy effective for you. Gaining new customers can often be a challenging and expensive task. Use the information you already have to speak directly to the right people. Looking at your current initiatives is also a good start. Does your website have an area to sign up for more information? Is there an area that allows them to speak to someone if they are not yet ready to make a reservation? These tactics can allow you to capture a potential customer that may have otherwise left.

Build Loyalty

Building loyalty with a customer is one of the most important things a company can do. The customer has likely spent a lot of money with you, and it is important for them to feel valued. Building loyalty doesn’t need to be a complicated feat. Reaching out to a customer on their birthday or one year anniversary of their last visit is a simple and effective way to stay at the forefront of your customer’s mind while showing that you care. A onetime customer is good, but a lifelong customer is exponentially better.