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Mammoth Mountain Increases Revenue and Reduces Costs with the Ascent360 CDP

Learn How Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Optimized Its Marketing Channels to Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs.

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The Stats


Campaign ROI


ROI on each redeemed gift card


Exceeded web revenue goals by an average

The Challenge

Mammoth Mountain is California’s highest four-season resort and playground. With 300 days of sunshine annually, the mountain offers extensive four-season recreation and scenic beauty all year.

The marketing team at Mammoth Mountain wanted to optimize their marketing channels, drive more revenue from their efforts, be able to accurately attribute campaign revenue and show a return.

The Ascent360 Solution

Ascent360 helped Mammoth Mountain switch to an ROI-based marketing strategy by implementing its CDP and guiding the team through the journey of focusing on the most valuable customers. The first step was to consolidate their data and identify Mammoth Mountain’s best customers, those with a 555 Recency, Frequency and Monetary score. Next a series of campaigns directed toward those high value customers were developed and activated through the CDP: Personalized Booking Anniversary; In-Resort Gift Card incentives; Lodging and Lift Ticket Retargeting and Thank you/Come Back soon emails. Results showed that revenues, return and effort were maximized by flipping the funnel.

"With the Ascent360 CDP, we learned that our best customers (those with a 555 RFM score) generated far more revenue with a much higher return."

Molly Holmes
Direct Marketing Manager

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